Taylor Swift Previews New Song “Welcome To New York” From New Album 1989

So I have to be honest, this little snippet doesn’t have me very excited for Taylor’s pop debut album that will be coming out next week. Honestly, with the three songs that have been released so far, I am just not a fan. For me I personally love the slow love songs that Taylor would always put together like “White Horse” or “All Too Well”, those ones always got to me. There of course is always hope for this new album but I just don’t see much good coming from it, as sad as that is it is the truth.

I guess that there is a very torn side of me simply because I love Taylor Swift. I think she is a badass role model, she does a lot for charity, and I have simply just liked her since her “Tim Mcgraw” days, she has never done me wrong! These past three songs though, not so good. I am worried that she may have made the jump too quickly instead of easing her long time fans into her new sound.

I am really interested to see how the album turns out.