Drake Makes Shania Twain His #WCW On A Monday

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My WCW even though it's Monday. Shania. 🌹✅😍

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This may be my all time favorite post I have ever written, and I have written well over 1,500 on this site. I mean this just makes me smile. Shania Twain and Drake hanging out backstage, does it get any better than that? Can you imagine if Shania and Drake had a song together? That would be something incredible.

See this is why it is sometimes hard for me to take Drake seriously in his songs. Sometimes he acts hard but like, here he is just loving Shania Twain. Obviously she is beautiful and extremely talented but I wouldn’t lump these two together. Although, they are both Canadian so they do have something in common.

Drake totally listened to “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”, before he goes out to the strip club with his boys, no question in my mind.

Ugh, I can’t get over how excited Drake looks, it’s so adorable.

I hope that there is footage of Shania dancing to “Hot Line Bling”, I need that footage now!

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Women Crush Wednesday: The Final Five

US women's gymnastics team wins gold in Rio

Now I haven’t done a woman, or in this case Women Crush Wednesday in a very long time, but I think that it is time. This is an important because the American women’s gymnastics team is incredible. That’s be real, these young women are incredible role models.

The final five, which they named themselves since they will be the final team that historic Olympic coach Marta Karolyi will coach, and after this year there will be only four gymnasts to each team.

The team is comprised of Aly Raismen, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocain, and Laurie Hernandez, all ranging in age from 22 to 16.

All of these women come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and it is incredible to see them all work together as a team. Yes, they have only individual events but watching these girls sitting on the sidelines cheering their team on has been beautiful none the less.

These five young women have truly inspired a country by winning gold in the Olympics.

Congrats and thank you for bringing home the gold!

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Rihanna

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is easily one of the most beautiful women in all of the land, right? I mean she knows how to work her sexuality but there is something else she can do really well. She can actually sing. I feel like people tend to forget that she has a crazy good voice because of all the things that usually surround her on stage. I do believe that her performance on the Grammys made people remember that she is something incredible.

At age 26 Rihanna has already had 10 number 1 hits on the Billboard Top 100. That is absolutely insane. She actually holds the record for that I believe.

I am going to say that 2015 is going to be Rihanna’s big year back. She is going to release a new sound of music that we haven’t really heard before. If she goes back to the whole acoustic thing and makes her new album sound like her hit “California King Bed” then I will be on happy fan, if not, I will still probably be one happy fan. All she really needs to do is release another album like ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ or ‘Loud’ and she will never be questioned about her vocal talents again!

Here’s to 2015 Rihanna, you will still be one of the baddest bitches in the world and one of the most beautiful ones too!

Also I am super jealous she can rock short hair, long hair, red hair, blonde hair, jet black hair, like she looks good with everything it doesn’t make sense.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Mindy Kaling

Whether Mindy is playing Mindy Lahery on “The Mindy Project” or Kelly Kapour on “The Office” I love her. I love her all the time because she is easily one of the funniest women on television, no strike that, in the world, and no one gives her enough credit. She doesn’t take herself seriously and is self-aware. I hate people who pretend that they don’t know they are hilarious. Mindy straight up owns the comedic skills that God or whoever has given her and that is why she is who she is.

Like most of the world I was introduced to Mindy when she was the celebrity obsessed girl on “The Office” which I absolutely loved. Clearly I have a blog based on celebrities so I can see exactly where she is coming from. Then I followed her career to her own show, and read her book. Yup, this chick is also an author of a hilarious book called  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I highly recommend it since I couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t put it down. In fact my laughter was quite annoying on the plane that I read the book on. 

Clearly Mindy is one of my idols. She is self confident, smart, and absolutely hilarious. One of my favorite lines she has ever delivered was from the movie “Five Year Engagement” when she starts to text herself when she is drunk and simply says “yes I am texting myself I am way too drunk to remember this.” Gold, absolute gold.

If you haven’t really looked into her book, or watched her show I highly recommend it. Mindy is a goddess that we should all look up to. Also follow her on Twitter because as I have stated a million times before, she is hilarious. Even though she is open about hating the term girl crush, maybe woman crush is more acceptable?

Happy Wednesday!

Woman Crush Wednesday: Reese Witherspoon!

Since I usually have a Man Crush Monday, I figured that it was about damn time I went along with the trend of Woman Crush Wednesday! Why you ask? I will respond by saying, because I want to! Boom, end of conversation. There were many women I could have chosen, I had to think about all of them, Reese seemed to be the perfect fit for the first one ever. She is nominated for another Oscar, she is flawless, and she is one of my favorite actresses.

I have heard a lot of people hate on Reese due to her lack of taste in choosing movies over the past few years and I can’t disagree with them. No wanted to see ‘This Means War’ but ‘Wild’ is her big comeback movie. She isn’t wearing make up in most of the movie, plus she is playing such a raw and emotional character.

Since the 90’s Reese has been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and that is a title that I don’t think will ever leave her. She seems to have a great personality, minus the whole getting arrested thing and asking the officer if he knew who she was, that’s not the point! The point is that she is one of America’s sweethearts.

So congrats on all your success but mostly being my first Woman Crush Wednesday, I hope you bask in the glow!