Vanessa Hudgens Slayed The 2017 VMAs Red Carpet

Know what I absolutely love? Other than her song with Shawn Hook, I don’t know anything that Vanessa Hudgens has done in the past five years. Well other than be the queen of Coachella of course.

It doesn’t matter though because somehow Vanessa Hudgens stays absolutely relevant in the world of entertainment and I love it.

Tonight during the VMAs, the camera just kept panning over to Vanessa because she is beautiful and can nod her head to the beat of a song.

Really though, how gorgeous does Vanessa look? I don’t think that she has even aged since 2006, or if she has she has only gotten more beautiful with time.

The hair, the dress, the makeup, everything is on point!

Keep staying relevant Vanessa.

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Fifth Harmony Throw Major Shade At Camila Cabello During VMAs Performance

Related image

Let me be clear, the VMAs have been awful. They are cutting off everyone’s performance, MTV didn’t give Pink the respect that she truly deserves. I mean it’s just one big old mess that nobody really needs to watch.

One of the highlights of it though?

Fifth Harmony throwing massive shade at their former member Camila Cabello. I mean I scream laughed when I realized what had just happened.

As you can see in the clip below, it looks like they are going to perform with five members before one is pulled off of the stage.

That’s comedy if you ask me.

The tea is hot!

I can’t wait for Camila’s response on Twitter, you know that there will be one.

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Jennie Pegouskie & Ed Sheeran Walk The 2017 VMAs Red Carpet!

No Ed and the beautiful Jennie are not dating, they are just friends. Their friendship is definitely adorable though and I am guessing that he brought Jennie since she was the star of his “Shape of You” music video.

In case you haven’t seen it, it just reminds you that Jennie is in better shape than you or I will ever be, and the two of them have adorable chemistry.

Ed is still dating his girlfriend Cherry according to every report out there.

Jennie is slaying it though, right? I mean she looks absolutely stunning.

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Demi Lovato Rocks Sheer Top At 2017 VMAs

Right now Demi is having her moment and I am so here for it! She currently has two songs in the top 10 of ITunes, her album is coming out soon, and last night she sang the National Anthem at that boxing match.

You know that huge one that took place after Demi’s concert?

Tonight she walked the red carpet at the VMAs and she killed it. She will also be performing tonight, and will probably kill it.

Make this moment last Demi! You can do it!

Demi Lovato

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Miley Cyrus Promises To Be Tame At The 2017 VMAs

Image result for miley cyrus vmas

I think that we can all remember the terrifying 2013 VMAs where Miley Cyrus went pretty wild. She ran around wearing a nude leather outfit and grinded up on Robin Thicke.

Really it wasn’t a good look for anyone on that stage.

It was also the start of Miley’s wild year, but she has toned it down! Come on, she sings about being in love in Malibu now!

After Miley’s tweet this afternoon it looks like she is ready to take a step back from her past VMA performances.

Although I miss crazy Miley, it is definitely good that she decided to take a step back from all of that.

Check out the tweet that she posted though because I straight up cackled when I saw it.

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Why Are People Mad That Alicia Keys Decided To Go Makeup Free At The VMAs?

Image result for alicia keys makeup free vmas

Why are people mad at Alicia Keys right now? No, seriously, why are people mad at her? Oh, you mean they are mad because a natural beauty decided to go natural at an awards show? Get a fucking life people.

Apparently there are people out there who are actually upset that Alicia decided to not wear make up. Just so everyone knows, Alicia Keys put out a statement a while back about how she was done wearing make up because she wanted to embrace being herself. She didn’t say that wearing makeup was bad, she isn’t anti makeup. She has just decided that she doesn’t want to wear it anymore.

Anyone who has an issue with this needs to take a fucking seat.

Alicia has absolutely nothing to prove to haters. She is one of the greatest singers of our time, she is one of the greatest songwriters, and she is beautiful. It’s not saying that people who wear makeup are ugly, it’s simply saying that she has chosen to embrace the art of not wearing make up. After being told for so long she has to look a certain way, she is taking the reigns.

I am all about this look, you go Alicia. Show off those freckles, don’t hide your “flaws”. You know what? We should be applauding her for being comfortable in her own skin to no longer wear make up. I think it is a pretty ballsy move if you ask me.

Alicia, I am inspired. Thank you.

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Let’s Relive The Chainsmokers & Halsey Performance From The 2016 VMAs

I am sorry that I didn’t cover this yesterday. I had a very busy day thinking about Britney’s performance and how mad I was at the VMAs for not putting respect on her name. Now that the smoke has cleared, I want to talk about one of the most underrated performances of the night, in my opinion at least.

“Closer” is one of the best songs of the summer and The Chainsmokers and Halsey did an incredible job performing it on Sunday’s award show. People are talking about how the lead singer of The Chainsmokers didn’t sound good live, shut up. You get mad when people don’t sound exactly like their record, you get mad when they lipsync. Just shut up. He didn’t sound terrible. His voice just isn’t as strong, whatever.

Halsey though? Halsey is a goddess. I was lucky enough to see her live in August and she is absolutely incredible. Also kind of looks like Ashley Greene, right? The Chainsmokers guy kind of looks like Joe Jonas too, weird. Anyway, they killed it, their chemistry was great, this song is amazing.

This is my song of the summer.

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Let’s Talk About Britney Spears And The VMAs

You can say whatever you want about Britney. You can pretend that you didn’t know that Britney has been lip syncing since 2001, you hate on it, whatever. I will say that I was happy with the performance. Am I happy that it was so short? No. Am I happy that Beyonce went on before Brit and tried to steal the show? No. I am happy because Britney, who admits to developing stage fright through out the years came out, danced on her own for the first minute, and killed it. She looked so confident and she just absolutely went out there and did what she was there to do. She entertained.

I have written about it once, I will do it again, we need to leave Britney the hell alone. We get it, people don’t like her for whatever reason. Truthfully other than her issues on 2007, there haven’t been that many bad reports on Britney. Everyone talks about how humble she is and how kind she is, something you don’t hear about often in Hollywood. Back to the stage fright thing, no wonder she developed it. The media loves to rip her apart. They don’t want to talk about how good she looks after having two children, after all that she has been through. No, they want to bash her.

Britney has had two knee surgeries too so stop that with the whole dancing thing, let her be.

I will say, I don’t know if Brit’s heart is in the entertainment world anymore, but she is out there doing it. Just let it happen. She is a living icon, whether you want to believe that or not.

My final though is screw you MTV. You want to make a big deal about Britney being on your show for the first time in 9 years. You want to make it seem like she is going to have some insane performance, but you don’t give her the time to do so? Okay. I understand you’re up Beyonce’s ass but come on? You give her 15 minutes and you give Britney like 6 minutes after basing so much promotion around her being on the show? I see you little fucking sneaks.

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Even Taylor Swift Gets Jury Duty

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/TracysActivism

Stars, they’re just like us, right?

Last night everyone was wondering if Taylor Swift was going to show up at the VMAs and it looks like she had some important business to take care of, some civic duty business actually. Instead of glamming it up and walking the red carpet she had to be at a courthouse bright and early!

I kind of love this, I mean I actually really love this. Everyone was convinced that she wasn’t showing up because she is afraid of Kanye West. Nope, she just had jury duty early on a Monday morning that she needed to attend.

Luckily for us, it was also like a meet and great, since Taylor took selfies with everyone and signed autographs as well. I don’t know exactly how the judicial system works but for some reason I am pretty sure that taking selfies and things of that nature aren’t allowed.S So the case is probably going to have to go into a retrial or something, I don’t know. All I know about the law is from Law & Order, which has never covered a situation like this.

Love her or hate her, she does seem to take time with her fans, even if her fans are her fellow jurors.

UPDATE: According to the woman who took the photos, these were taken while they were waiting, not while the case was happening.

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Jake Miller Looked Incredible At The MTV VMAs!

I have had a lowkey crush on Jake Miller for a while now and I am glad that he is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Jake is a really talented artist and I believe we will be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

Let’s be real though, not only is he talented, he is a babe.

I am glad that he chose a more simple style for the white carpet too.

Right now I am going to make a prediction. Next year, he will definitely be on stage at the VMAs. Calling that now!

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