Logan Paul Issues Another Apology After Disturbing Vlog

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So I guess that Logan Paul realized after his super douche apology last night, that he had to do something different to try and win back the public. For the record, his fans are already telling him that everything he did was okay and they will never leave his side. Online cult fans are the scariest of all fans in case you were wondering.

Okay, anyway back to Logan Paul apologizing.

Last night he basically typed up a note and posted it how he made a mistake but he was a good person. He also said something about how many vlogs he has made and all of that bullshit. Whatever.

That didn’t go over well at all. Celebrities were dragging him, the internet is still pretty pissed off at Logan, for good reason. He filmed a man who had just killed himself and then kind of laughed about it and posted it on YouTube. That’s sociopath shit if you ask me.

Now though, he is crying and he doesn’t want anyone to forgive him ever! That’s one way to spin it after you’ve explained that you didn’t do anything wrong and you have tons of views.

Check out the new apology below.

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Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid Have Their Own Carpool Karaoke Session!

Does anyone remember back in the early days of Taylor Swift‘s career when she would vlog everything? She would always have behind the scene videos and then random videos with her friends. Maybe this is the start of that old tradition!

Anyway, it looks like Taylor and Gigi  haven’t let the fact that Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez hate each other get in the way of their friendship. That’s pretty cool.

The two were riding around, I am guessing New York, when Taylor heard “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” on the radio for the first time! Exciting stuff, right? Interesting how she was with Zayn‘s girlfriend too, might as well capture the moment on film!

Check out their lipsyncing carpool karaoke together!

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