Ashley Greene Shades Joe Jonas On Instagram

So in case you missed it, Joe Jonas bragged about losing his virginity on Reddit. Of course he has done it before but yesterday seemed to get much more press than when it said it back in 2013.

The internet was all a buzz about the Jonas brother going on and on about how he lost his virginity, and to who. He told everyone that they could Google the Ashley that he used to date and they could figure it out. Classy move Joe. He’s a total dick, I think that it obvious, right?

Well Ashley hasn’t released a statement or anything on Joe’s story but she did decide to throw some shade on Instagram at the singer.

Oh that tea too hot!

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Joe Jonas Talks About Losing His Virginity…Again..

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Joe Jonas did a Reddit question and answer, where he was asked about losing his virginity, again. Yes, Joe has talked about this before and apparently he couldn’t just leave it alone. He needed to bring up the entire night .

Get ready for the wild story!

“I lost my virginity to this girl named Ashley, you can probably just Google it. It’s pretty easy to figure out. I dated a girl named Ashley, so just Google it to figure out which Ashley that is.It’s quite the great story because I didn’t have any condoms, so I went to our drummer, Jack’s room, who was my roommate at the time and I demolished his room looking for them. Found them underneath his underwear drawer. When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished because I was in dire need. Needed to happen then and now. Safety first, kids” (credit).

It’ quote the great story. Oh my god Joe, you’re so fucking annoying. Joe is the absolute definition of a try hard. We get it, you had sex, that is awesome! I am so proud of you. He also added how you can Google it? Cool Joe. Put Ashley Greene on absolute blast.

Everyone is acting like this is news but back when he tried to be a solo artist he did that article about smoking weed, and losing his virginity. Click the link that says, “before”, if you want to read all of that.

Dear God he is so annoying.

He also explained he had a half chub while filming his last music video, so that’s exciting.

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Hilary Duff Hints at Losing Virginity to Joel Madden

Many fans have been fixated on when (and with whom) the newly single mom first lost her virginity. 

“I had a 26-year-old boyfriend,” Duff said of Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden, whom she dated from ages 16 to 19. “So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”
Read more:

Well before Kylie and Tyga, there was Hilary and Joel. One of the oddest couples to ever occur during my time of watching celebrity gossip. I actually tried to erase this weird couple from my memory. I mean, I was about 14 and realized that a 16 year old shouldn’t have been dating someone ten years older than them. It was much like when Lindsay Lohan dated Wilmer Walderrama. It was just a weird time in the life of me, and in the life of Hilary.

I feel like she shouldn’t be talking about this out loud though, I mean they have been broken up for over a decade. At least say that you were 16 when you lost your virginity, you don’t need to call Joel out for it. Not that it really matters now, Joel is happily married with two kids. Hilary is happily divorce with one kid. Just straight up ancient history.

Hilary, I also wouldn’t admit to having sex with Joel Madden, ever. Say you lost your virginity to Frankie Muniz or Aaron Carter, that would have been much better!

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Justin Bieber Took Selena Gomez’s Virginity And Brags All About It!


The 19-year-old pop brat made the uncouth remark about Gomez, 21, ‘with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever,’ according to a source.

‘It was in the summer of 2011. They flew to Palm Springs for a couple days and had a super private place to stay,’ a friend close to the Boyfriend singer said, spilling the beans of their intimate encounter.

‘The purpose of the trip was 100 per cent because Selena finally said “yes” to having sex with him. They agreed because they both said they were in love,’ they go on.

‘Justin told me, “I knew she was in love with me when she gave me her virginity.” He said it with no embarrassment or shyness whatsoever,’ the source told RadarOnline.

Bieber and Gomez embarked on a highly publicised relationship in December 2010, breaking up in November 2012 – only to reconcile later that month.

They split again in January 2013 but have remained close, with Gomez seemingly going to Bieber’s aid last month as his personal issues with the law began to flare up.


Is it weird when I say that I feel like everyone already knew this? I mean there was no way that Bieber lost his virginity to anyone else since he started to date Selena when he was only like 16. Same for Selena though, right? She dated Nick Jonas who was a virgin for life at that point, then Taylor Lautner who she dated for the spotlight, there was really no other indication it was anyone else, right? Plus they made out everywhere to let people know they were a couple.

Don’t most young guys brag about taking a girl’s virginity anyway? I don’t understand why this is such a big deal right now. Guys talk about sex and girls talk about emotion, that is how it works.

It also makes sense because Selena can’t seem to stay away from him. There is an old saying that you never forget your first and it looks like she wont ever forget him. Even though he clearly tries to have sex with anything that moves, blonde, brunette, red head, Bieber don’t care!

All I can say is that it is time for you to move on Selena, get under someone new to get over Bieber.

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Joe Jonas lost his V-card at 20 and smoked weed with Miley


Joe Jonas opens up about sex, drugs, and the Jonas Brothers breakup in this brand new piece he penned for Vulture.

Here’s what the 24-year-old singer had to share with the site:

On losing his virginity: “We decided to take the rings off a few years ago. I lost my virginity when I was 20. I did other stuff before then, but I was sexually active at 20. I’m glad I waited for the right person, because you look back and you go, ‘That girl was batshit crazy. I’m glad I didn’t go there.’”

On experimenting with pot: “The first time I smoked weed was with Demi [Lovato] and Miley [Cyrus]. I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, ‘Try it! Try it!’ so I gave it a shot, and it was all right. I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore. I was caught drinking when I was 16 or 17, and I thought the world was going to collapse. But I was in another country, and it was legal there. My 21st birthday, I fell down a flight of stairs. I was unconscious that time, and my whole team was scared to death that somebody was going to get a picture. Now I appreciate wine or a vodka-soda at the end of the day every once in a while.”

On his relationships: “When I was 20, I started dating Ashley Greene, and she was my first serious relationship. We were together for almost a year. I was living out in L.A. by myself, and at the end of the day, long distance didn’t work. It’s incredibly difficult. I did a cover story with Details acknowledging the relationship, and the day after it was on newsstands, we announced our breakup. That was just coincidence, but it’s funny how that always happens, right? After Ashley, I took two or three years to just be single. I was hooking up and having fun. Now I’m with someone I really care about. We get each other.”

On hooking up with fans: “And, yes, I’ve dated fans. I can’t say that I’ve never put a foot in that world; there were times when I definitely took advantage of the opportunities I had. I remember I invited a fan to a movie, and we just made out the entire time.”

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This is probably one of my favorite thigns of all time. Hoe fucking desperate is Joe Jonas? I mean for real. The other two Jonas brothers have always known that they were just Jonas Brothers. Nick is on Broadway or something while Kevin is married and on reality tv. Joe thinks that he is Justin Timberlake or something when in reality he is just a Jc Chasez,not good enough to be a solo artist.

My favorite part of this whole thing is obviously the smoking weed thing. I will say Demi’s head may explode from this since she has been telling the world she is reformed and this is just shining a big ol spotlight on her wild teenage years. Miley on the other hand is only mentioned because she is relevant. Joe Jonas is probably sitting there just waiting to name drop so he can use her name! I am also surprised he didn’t throw T.Swift’s name in there since he likes to talk about her as much as possible.

Then we have Ashley Greene, the slut of Hollywood. Everyone knows who she is for the wrong reasons. She had about 5 lines in the entire Twilight series and she has also fucked all of Hollywood. She took Joe Jonas’ virginity then probably broke up with him immediately after. If I was Joe I would have just said Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift took my virginity and just roll with it. Also what a badass making out with fans right?! Please, Bieber is bringing them back to have orgies with strippers, you are not using anything to your advantage Joe Jonas.

Anyway, I really hope that Joe Jonas realizes that he is nothing but a serious joke. No one will ever take you seriously even if you name drop like a motherfucker. Joe Jonas, you will never be as famous as you think you should be.