What Happened To MTV’s The Real World?

Over the past few years it is rather obvious that the show The Real World has been doing just about anything to get people to watch their television show that started in the early 90’s about young people finding their way in life. It went from people exposing their deepest secrets infront of a camera, to producers bringing in the cast members enemies to spark up even more drama. Even the whole seven strangers, picked to live in a house opening is no longer there. So my question is what happened?

I am a child of the 90’s, at least I like to think so. When I was about nine my babysitter used to let me watch The Real World with her and I realized just how much I loved it. Here I was sitting from my living room, watching as these real people were going through real life struggled. I believe the first season I ever watched was Real World: New Orleans, where the openly gay man Danny was dating someone in the army. I remember being so confused about why this was a huge deal, a lot of people were gay. It then occurred to me about the whole don’t ask, don’t tell policy, and that was something that the show respected. They even blurred out the man’s face so he wouldn’t be recognized.

Why am I bringing that little story up you may ask? If you watch The Real World now you see nothing but a bunch of sexually promiscuous young men and women who also drink, fight, and argue like there is no tomorrow. I am not living under a rock I am well aware that it does happen in real life. I am well aware that in previous seasons, all three of those things happened. One thing that was never previously tolerated though, was the act of fighting. Rules were that if you hit somebody, you got sent home. Literally, the only rule that needed to be followed was no hitting anyone. Be an adult, use your words and not your fists.

So in the episode posted below there is a girl fight between the three girls Madison, Violetta, and Sylvia. The actions of the producers, of the girls, it all disgusts me. I have been an avid watcher for years but now I have realized that this show is just a shadow of what it was once was.

It is very clear that while watching this clip, the two girls V and Sylvia are both intoxicated but that is no excuse. Basically the run down of the fight is like this. Violetta attacks Madison, Madison defends herself. To me it doesn’t even look like Madison threw a punch, just kind of pushes V out of the way. Then out of nowhere Sylvia comes in and basically choke slams Madison bringing her to the floor. When all is said and done, and Madison is dragged across the floor by her throat, Violetta and Sylvia are unapologetic. Violetta still stands by her drunken antics as her alter ego Claryse’s doing, while Sylvia says that she assaulted Madison because she saw her in Violetta’s face. Furthermore, Sylvia says she would do the same for Madison if she saw someone in her face. But wait, wasn’t Violetta the one who was in Madison’s face? Wasn’t Sylvia herself in Madison’s face, for that matter? You want to know what the worst part about all of this was? No apology. Violetta did give Madison an apology but Sylvia said she wouldn’t apologize because Madison was in V’s face. Nope, Sylvia you are wrong. Very wrong actually and if this was any other season you would have been thrown out on your ass, it is too bad you weren’t. All that happened was everyone watched a video.

This is more of a side not than anything, this show is faker than ever this season, right? I mean they are actually showing the camera men, they are having producers be very involved. It is just very odd, before there were never producers asking questions, well you didn’t hear them, and you NEVER saw any of the camera men.

I do hope that the last skeleton that comes through this door is MTV saying that the show has been cancelled. There is no more point in this show. Once it was about showing how seven strangers could live their lives in front of a camera. How they would find themselves and be able to explore different parts of their lives outside of the small town that they came from, or outside of the harsh cities that they came from.

MTV is basically saying that violence is now accepted in mainstream culture so therefor it should be accepted in the Real World house. It is truly sad that a show that was one of first true reality shows has taken a turn down this path. A turn for the worst if you ask me.