Watch Selena Gomez Play Multiple Characters In “Bad Liar” Video

Selena Gomez has been teasing that she was going to release a movie for “Bad Liar” but it was simply a music video that will probably continue on through a few different videos. That’s my guess.

Watching this video, it was a bit weird. You watched  high school Selena Gomez watching mustache Selena Gomez flirt with blonde Selena Gomez, and high school Selena has a crush on blonde Selena.

I think I did that right, no clue though.

It was a cute video, I am still in shock that Selena is 24 but looks 15, it’s truly wild.

Anyway, video is alright, song is great, and she also seems to be ready to release a new song “Fetish”, no word on when we can expect it though.

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Fifth Harmony Release “Down” Music Video – Watch Here!

Fifth Harmony is here to slay.

This music video just goes on to prove that they really don’t need Camila.

Everyone looks incredible in this video, they all sound incredible.

End of the day, I am all about this song and I can’t wait for this new era of Fifth Harmony.

I am going to be real though, these ladies can all sing. I wish they could do more ballads and have them chart, their voices deserve that kind of appreciation!

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Gavin Degraw Releases New Single ‘She Sets The City On Fire’!

After reading all of the comments I want everyone to calm down, it is just a single. There’s no way that this could be how the whole album sounds. Plus, Gavin is always trying out new styles of music on his album, most of the time you’ll hear multiple different styles in one album. It’s always been like that. Is it different than ‘Chariot’ and other hits? Yes.

Personally I didn’t like it much at first but after a few tries I was really into it. I like the song, I like his voice, everything about it is perfect.

Thank you Gavin for finally releasing new music too! It’s been too damn long!

In my personal opinion, I think that Gavin is extremely underrated. Most of his songs are absolutely incredible, from the lyrics to the melody you can’t go wrong. So this is a new sound but I don’t think it’s a forever sound.


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Taylor Swift Releases Music Video For ‘New Romantics’

So in reality this music video has been out for probably two weeks now, but Taylor Swift was mean and only released it on Apple Music. It’s finally on Youtube and Vevo now though! So I will be watching it on repeat until further notice!

I actually love that she has some commentary during the video. She dedicates it to her fans, all of that fun stuff. 1989 was truly a remarkable album and tour. It is one of the most awarded albums of all time, so let’s put it into perspective that way. ‘New Romantics’ is also by far one of the best songs on the album.

She did say that she was taking a small break and I feel as though this is her little goodbye music video to the 1989 era and album. She did the same for ‘Sparks Fly’ too, her concert videos are always great.

Thanks for finally letting the world see your video for ‘New Romantics’! Next time, release it to all of us at once, please and thank you!

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Sam Hunt Releases Music Video For ‘Break Up In A Small Town’

Oh Sam Hunt how you slay me. I mean seriously, he is easily the hottest star in country music right now. Well one of the hottest stars I should say. This song though, I love this song. Growing up in a small town I can relate. You can’t go to a damn bar without seeing your ex.

These lyrics are just incredible and he does that whole sing, talk thing way better than anyone else out there.

Even though I am not a huge fan of the beard Sam Hunt can do no wrong. This song is incredible, him running through a burning down how is incredible.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think here or here!

So I read some comments and someone said that Tori Kelly and Sam Hunt should do a duet together. Let’s start a petition to make that happen, okay?

Justin Bieber Releases New Song ‘What Do You Mean?’

So I have been very harsh on Bieber over the past few years, for good reason I think. He was a little spoiled brat and I couldn’t stand it. I don’t like that ‘Where Are You Now?’ song either, but I have realized that he is making a comeback, I can respect it. So I went into this song with an open mind.

Honestly, I don’t love it, I don’t think it is all that great, and I feel like it is just repetitive. I know that every song is repetitive now, I guess I expected more than what I got.

Clearly Bieber is making a comeback though and I will admit that I made a mistake saying he would never make it in music again. I do think he has done a number on himself but his fans will always love him.

I just feel like this song was so hyped up and it wasn’t even that great, I don’t JB you even got my hopes up. This is rather bland if you ask me.

Can’t wait to change the radio station repeatedly because this song is going to get beat over our heads.

Let’s be real though Ryan Sheckler is looking good, real good.

Click Here and tell me what you think about the single!

Rita Ora Releases Music Video For ‘Poison’!

My love for Rita Ora is absolutely insane. She is straight up perfection and I will say it, I like her better than most female singers out there. Fucking Calvin Harris screwed her over by not letting ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ become one of the biggest hits of the year, but hey, whatever. Rita Ora is slaying it in this song, am I right?

Do I think this is her best song ever? No, I don’t. I think that she has had plenty of better songs than this one but this song is still a solid song. When you hear a hit, you know it is a hit.

Rita keep those incredible tracks coming!

“You’re going straight to my head, I’m headed straight for the edge”

This line is just so solid!

PS- Rita is an absolute babe.

Can We Talk About Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video?

Yes, I am aware that this video came out over a week ago and I am running a little bit behind on the whole thing. I get it, I get it. You all wanted Willi’s opinion and now you are going to get it!

Thank fucking God that they brought in Kendrick Lamar because he brought this song brand new life! This is easily one of the best remixes that I have ever heard in my life. All of the cameos? How perfect is this shit? I mean ugh, it really couldn’t be any better. I didn’t know some of the younger models but hey, that just means I am old. I can deal with that!

Band aids don’t fix bullet holes baby.

Natalie Dormer Stars In Hozier’s Music Video For ‘Someone New’

Oh Hozier, oh Natalie Dormer, two people that I absolutely adore. I truly mean that too. I love Hozier’s music, ‘Jackie and Wilson’ is easily my favorite song of his, but this one is up there. Natalie Dormer just looks like a badass walking around in leather at night. I guess she is supposed to be day dreaming about her wildest fantasies and she falls in love with every person she sees? Something like that. Either way, the song is great, the video is great! Natalie Dormer is perfect. Hozier kills it. The end!

Taylor Swift Releases ‘Style’ Music Video

Well here we go, Taylor Swift just releasing straight fire music videos. Did anyone catch the little Harry Styles reference at the start of the music video? That little paper airplane necklace was allegedly a gift from her ex who also inspired the song. Just another reminder that if you do in fact break T.Swifts heart she will bring it back and remind you that you hurt her. She doesn’t take too kindly to heartbreak.

I will say I see what she is trying to do here, just be all artsy and stuff. I have actually never seen a music video like this, and I love it. It is very different with all of the overlapping imaging, I don’t know how else to describe it, sorry guys.

Bravo Taylor Swift, still killing it and I don’t see that stopping any time soon!