Ricky Martin Announces Vegas Residency!

Vegas residencies are so hot right now! Obviously there is Celine and Britney but J.Lo had one, maybe still has one I’m not sure, the Backstreet Boys are about to start their own residency. It seems like the hottest deal on the planet right now, right?

Ricky Martin is the latest to jump on the Vegas residency train and I can’t blame him. Ricky is extremely talented and still super hot, so why not go out there, shake his bon bons and make some money. After his announcment about being engaged, he then announced that he is doing a Vegas residency.

He will be playing at the Monte Carlo, and the arena sits about 6,000 people.

As of right now it starts in April and ends in September, but it will probably extend if it is popular.

For the record, the name is Sexy Souls, so that’s a very sexual and exciting name.

Are you excited for this?

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Shia LaBeouf & Mia Goth Get Hitched In Vegas!

Image result for shia labeouf and mia goth married

Shia LaBeouf is the ultimate weirdo and when he isn’t being violent, I love him for it. When he does things like this, watch all of his movies, or hitchhikes across the country, I can appreciate these things. I don’t appreciate things like when he gets really drunk and attacks people, but he hasn’t done that in a while so maybe he has moved on from that!

Anyway, Shia and longtime love Mia are officially hitched. The two got married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas and it is something of beauty. The couple got hitched at the Viva Las Vegas chapel, which is not the same one that Britney got married at.

TMZ was the first to break the news and you can see photos and video there!

Congrats to this couple! Congrats to the wedding chapel for the publicity too!

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James Corden Performs With The Backstreet Boys

Photo published for James Corden Performs With Backstreet Boys, Vows to Bring Back Boy Bands

Ever since the Backstreet Boys announced their Vegas residency, it’s like they are everywhere, and let me clear. I am not complaining. I have been a fan of the boys since I was 6, and I have seen them 8 times in concert. That’s right, even when they weren’t very popular, my mom and I would still go and see their show because their music is great and they are incredible performers. That’s right. They sing, they dance, and they entertain which is exactly what you want out of a band.

Last night on their publicity tour, they swung by James Corden and it was perfect. This solidifies his spot as my favorite late night host, that’s for sure. He could easily go in as the sixth member of the group.

Also, his little speech about how boy bands are supposed to act? Yeah, I am all about that. One Direction was a boy band yes, but they weren’t a BOY BAND, you feel? Yes, they are boys, they can all sing well, but they don’t dress alike and they don’t dance, not a true boy band.

Watch the performance, pray for Brian’s voice, and just dance in your chair like I did at work.

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The Backstreet Boys Surprise Everyone At The IHeartRadio Music Festival

Backstreet BoysGetty Images

Over the weekend The IheartRadio Music Festival took over Las Vegas and of course, the Backstreet Boys came out for a surprise performance. They weren’t on the concert line up but after announcing their Vegas Residency it was clear that they needed to continue with that momentum. Everyone is saying this is a comeback but to be clear, this band never left. Just want to throw that out there.

Florida Georgia Line actually called the boys (or men) out on stage to join them and the crowd went nuts. Well the crowd kind of went nuts. This isn’t like a normal msic festival where the crowd is all on molly and ready to go. This one is more like a win your way in, in my opinion it isn’t cool because it’s all just people who work for IHeart and few people who win their way in. Seems like a lame crowd.

Anyway, the boys came out and they killed it. Brian’s voice is still not as strong due to his vocal cord issues but it’s okay. He is still my favorite and still a babe. Also I am totally here for AJ’s pink pants. Can’t go wrong with that!

Shout out to my all time favorite band going out there, singing live and dancing, reminding everyone that it is possible. They are in their 40’s (well some of them) and can still out sing and dance your favs. No that isn’t a shot at Britney, don’t even fucking try it.


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The Backstreet Boys Are Starting Their Vegas Residency Trial Run!

A few months ago the Backstreet Boys teased up trying out a Vegas residency show. They said that they were going to do a bit of a trial run just to see how it went and then they would decide. I am a little salty. Only because most people with residency stays in Vegas don’t tour very often, and I can’t afford Vegas right now. So boys please quit playing games with my heart and just continue your tour.

This is kind of awesome though. I mean they deserve to have a show that pays them a ton of money. These guys have earned it. They have stayed together for over 20 years and clearly they still have serious staying power.

You can check out the dates and get your tickets here!

Are you excited for this show? Are you going to check it out? Let me know!

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Watch Britney Spears Have No Idea Who Colton Haynes Is!

One of my favorite things about Britney is that she really has no idea who anyone is. Well, that is a lie. She just doesn’t seem to care about other celebrities. She knows that she has met Katy Perry, she said that she didn’t meet Taylor Swift, but she did, and back when she hung out with some of the girls from Fifth Harmony, I am positive she didn’t know who they were. Now, she has no idea who Colton Haynes is.

Well she does know one thing about him, he has a great ass.

Don’t be sad about it though Colton, you just let Britney drag you around on a leash as she has done at every show with different people! My personal favorite was when she did it to AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys.

Obviously at the end of the day it didn’t bother Colton one bit, congrats on being her slave for a night!

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Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom Were Very Cozy In Vegas


Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez found love in the club — for at least one night — when things got VERY physical in Las Vegas, and TMZ got pics of the hookup.

It went down Saturday night at Light in Mandalay Bay — Selena had the after-party for her Vegas concert there, and sources in the club tell us Orlando was a surprise, late addition to the party … and made a major impression when he got there.

We’re told things got very “touchy feely” quickly before 23-year-old Selena and 39-year-old Orlando started neck-nuzzling and embracing in a booth. However, we’re told Selena absolutely went back to her room alone. (credit)

Oh shit, that is all I can say about this. I mean these two have had a very odd relationship for the past few years. Remember when Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a fist fight because Bieber allegedly hooked up with Miranda Kerr? After that Selena and Orlando were spotted together very frequently in 2014, until they kind of just drifted apart. I guess, I mean I have no idea they just stopped being spotted together.

As most people know Orlando has been dating Katy for a while now and it seemed pretty serious. They wore matching Tomagochi’s to the Met Gala. If matching tiny virtual pets isn’t serious then I definitely don’t know what is.

So what now, right? I mean Katy clearly dates dudes who are apparently playboys. She went from Johny Mayer to getting very serious with Orlando Bloom, who still has eyes on Selena? It’s all a mess. It probably hurts ab it more that Selena is best friends with Katy’s rival, Taylor Swift.

What a tangled web this Hollywood potential hook up could cause.

I actually feel bad for Katy, even though there are no photos of them kissing or anything like that, it is clear that these two were getting very close, he was getting much to close for someone who is in a serious relationship, that’s for sure.

With the past that Orlando and Selena have, it doesn’t make this look any less suspect.

What do you think? Harmless flirting or too far? Let me know through the links below!

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Fifth Harmony Hang With Britney Spears Backstage At Her Vegas Show

First let me start off by saying, holy shit, look at Britney’s body. Obviously her hair and make up is a mess because she just put on an incredible performance, so let’s not even talk about that. I mean good lord she is looking as good as she used to look!

Second, Camila Cabello couldn’t make it to the show because she is busy being Taylor Swift‘s pet. I didn’t make that up I read it somewhere on Twitter and laughed harder than I should have.

My final thought, do you think Britney even remembers who Fifth Harmony is and why they are visiting her? I genuinely don’t think she is too sure. She probably thinks that they look familiar but can’t place them exactly.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a legend spending time with the little people. Totally kidding, love Fifth Harmony, but not kidding about B.Spears being a legend.

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Are The Backstreet Boys Next For A Vegas Residency?


ET caught up with A.J. McLean at The Brothers Grimsby premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, when the 38-year-old singer said the boy band is definitely interested in a Las Vegas residency a la Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

“We are talking about it. We are looking into it right now and we’ll see,” McLean exclusively told ET. “We’ll see what happens! Right now, we’re actually back in the studio making our ninth album. If anything transpires it’ll probably come after our brand new tour, and I’m doing my very first solo project. There’s a lot of things going on this year.” (credit)

I am both excited and not very excited to hear about this potential for a residency. Most people who has residencies no longer go on tour. I mean Celine hasn’t been on a tour in forever which is a shame because I would drop Adele tickets type money on a Celine Dion show.

Back to the subject though!

I have been to eight Backstreet Boys concerts that have all been within driving distance. The last thing I would want to do is spend an arm and a leg to go see their Vegas show. Although they would probably make a killing off of it. Let’s be real, everyone loves to be nostalgic and with the success of Britney’s show, I don’t think they would have any issue selling out show after show.

Luckily for all of us that can’t afford to fly to Vegas it doesn’t look like this residency would be the too near future. They are working on new music, will go on another tour. So don’t worry, we have time to save up for a Vegas weekend. I don’t know who we is, but I am going to assume it will be a we type of thing because I would die if I went to Vegas alone.

One thing is for sure, as long as there is music Backstreet Boys will be coming back again!

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Johnny Manziel & Scott Disick Have A Boys Night In Vegas

Johnny Manziel + Scott Disick + Vegas, what could go wrong with that the equation? Never mind the fact that they both decided to wear brown sweatshirts and ripped jeans. I mean that is club wear, right? Sweatshirts and shit?

Apparently these two are new buddies though, which isn’t really that surprising. I mean they are both huge douche bags, so it makes sense that they would spend time together, right?

Manziel has recently gotten into a bit of trouble, his ex is saying that he had been violent towards her, along with his drinking and partying. Basically since he got into the NFL trouble has followed him. As for Disick, well I think that most people are aware that he is a party boy who was with Kourtney Kardashian, they had some kids, he went and cheated on her in Cabo or somewhere in Mexico. He went to rehab, he left rehab, all of that fun stuff.

These two apparently partied in the wee hours of the morning and sipped on cocktails all night.

Party boys, they never grow into men.

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