Vanessa Bayer Is Leaving ‘SNL’ After 7 Seasons

Well I guess I am happy that Vanessa is leaving because she will probably be in a bunch of movies, or have her own show, but I am also sad. She is definitely one of the strongest players on the show.

Of course Kate and Cecily are great but Vanessa just kills me, she’s so weird.

There wasn’t much talk about this until she posted it on Instagram earlier this week.

Well Vanessa, I will miss seeing you on ‘SNL’ but here’s to hoping this means you have a show or movie lined up!

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Watch Jennifer Aniston Try To Stop Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green Impression

The one where Jennifer Aniston tries to stop Vanessa Bayer’s Rachel Green impression. Get it? Like how all of the ‘Friends’ titles were, no? Okay.

Vanessa has done her Rachel Green impression for a while now and it’s pretty hysterical. It is very on point and well, Jennifer Aniston wants to put a stop to it. Of course it is all in fun but it was pretty great to watch the two of them go back and forth. It literally sounded like Jennifer fighting Jennifer and it’s pretty perfect.


The two star in ‘Office Christmas Party’ which will be in theaters on December 9th!

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The ‘SNL’ Skit “A Girl’s Halloween” Is Perfect

Listen, I know that everyone complains about how ‘SNL‘ isn’t as funny as it used to be and it should just be cancelled, but I have to disagree. Maybe it isn’t as funny as before, but it is still pretty damn hysterical. You have to give the cast credit. Well I would like to give the ladies of the cast credit. They are the ones bringing in the laughs for the most part.

This scene in particular kills me because it is exactly how girls on Halloween act. You think you’re going to go out and it’s going to be a magical night of dressing up and maybe finding someone dressed as your night in shining armor, when in reality someone throws up and only one of your heels break.

Usually the night will start off with selfies and looking cute, then end up with selfies that you pray you didn’t upload while you were black out.

Anyway, I just wanted to give this scene love because oh my god, it was perfect.

Also, I have a serious lady boner for Cecily Strong, have fun with that knowledge. Really though, these three at my favorite, of course I wish Kate McKinnon was in it, but she can’t be in every skit and I understand. These three ladies killed it though.

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Watch The Official Trailer For ‘Office Christmas Party’ !

Ho, ho, holy shit this looks funny, right? I mean this cast is absolutely on point and it will probably make us all want to throw a Christmas party in our office! Guess what though? You don’t want to. The people you work with will only become weirder if you add alcohol into the equation.

This cast is going to be straight up perfection too, I think that we can all agree that Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are gold when they work together. I would say the only person missing form this movie is Paul Rudd.

I can’t wait for December 9th, well maybe I can because of the cold and shit, but this movie looks awesome.

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