Amber Rose & Val Chmerkovskiy Share A Passionate Kiss In New Photo

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I have absolutely no idea why but I really love Amber Rose. I genuinely have no idea but I think it is because she has always seemed to be real to me. She has been very open about her life and one thing I love about her is that she took back the word slut. The whole world was calling her one but she decided that she was going to take ownership of the word and turned it into something positive. She even holds a “Slut Walk” in Los Angeles to help raise money for those who have been sexually assaulted. That’s bad ass.

Maybe that is why I am so happy it seems like she has found love.

I never watched ‘Dancing With The Stars’ because I am not 60 years old, but Val and Amber both appeared on the show. No clue on if they were partners or not but they were both on it at the same time.

There were rumors for a while about the potential of them dating and now it seems like the couple is full steam ahead!

They recently spent some time in New York and decided to post a photo of the two of them lip locked in a heated kiss.

Get it girl, and get it boy.

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Amber Rose & Val Chmerkovskiy Make It Instagram Official

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There has been a lot of speculation about Amber and Val since October but the couple has remained fairly quiet, until now. Maybe they just wanted to keep it for themselves for a bit, if so that’s adorable.

Personally, I don’t watch ‘Dancing With The Stars’ because I am not 80 years old, but I think that they met on that show. Maybe they were partners? Maybe she was partners with his brother who is also very good looking. No clue! Maybe they just met on set and fell in love? That could be possible.

I know not many people like Amber Rose but honestly, I respect her hustle. She started off by simply dating Kanye and now she has made a damn empire for herself. She also does something every year called the “Slut Walk” where people do a walk in order to raise awareness for sexual assault victims, in a way she is also taking the word back and owning it.

Anyway, enough about my distaste for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and my love for Amber Rose.

The two love birds, well Amber, took to Instagram and simply called Val her love. How sweet is that?

I hope these two crazy kids make it.

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