Bella Thorne Defends Herself After Charlie Puth Drama

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I am still not totally sure what Bella Thorne does other than date male celebrities, comment on Demi Lovato‘s Instagram posts, and dye her hair. That is truly all that I know about her.

Well there was a tone of drama between her and Charlie Puth this week, and Bella has decided that she wanted to share her side of the story. She tried to play the whole thing cool, called Charlie out for being butt hurt.

Bella, stop. You shouldn’t have responded at all. She also disabled comments on her Instagram after their break up since everyone was shitting on her.

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Tyler Posey & Bella Thorne Make It Instagram Official

I truly feel like all of the guys in young Hollywood are tripping to get close to Bella Thorne and I just don’t understand it. I honestly don’t even know why she is famous, she could be famous for anything!

Really though, I am not trying to hate on this girl, maybe a little, but not trying to hate too much. She is probably a Nickelodeon darling and that is where she got her start. I only know her from dating Greg Sulkin and now apparently Tyler Posey.

Again, this pairing is very interesting to me. Obviously they are both famous, young, and good looking but I don’t know. Tyler was engaged to his childhood love, and Bella is always just taking selfies in bikinis. Maybe Hollywood changed Tyler?

I give this couple four more months of Instagram posts before they break up!

Good for her though, she keeps snagging hotties.

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Tyler Posey Wears Onesie To 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Tyler Posey
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Tyler Posey looking cute as ever on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. I mean how fucking adorable is he?

Really though, Tyler is so hot. Even wearing a onesie he is so hot. That jawline, that smile, that booty, can’t go wrong!

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Halsey Releases Music Video For ‘Colors’ Starring Tyler Posey

This song is easily one of my favorite Halsey songs, I love this one and ‘Strange Love’ I am guessing that somehow they are somehow warped together. Before I go into the music video if you haven’t listened to her album Badlands yet, I highly suggest you do so. All of her songs are connected in some how and I think I just figured out how ‘Colors’ and ‘Strange Love’ are connection. I won’t give it away though. Actually if you read the comments on the video you can figure it out.

Okay, on to the music video. Can we talk about how cute Tyler Posey is? He just seems like a such a sweetheart. Plus he pulls off the preppy boy look pretty well, I think we can all agree on that.

The twist at the end of the video though, my jaw nearly dropped. What a little crazy, although I get the whole attracted to older men thing. I can’t blame Halsey for that one.

That is all I will say without giving too much away!

Check out her video below!

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Tyler Posey & Seana Gorlick Call Off Engagement

Tyler Posey and his fiancee Seana Gorlick have ended their engagement.

“You’re the first interview I’ve said this to. We have broken up,” Tyler, 23, told Us Weekly. “I’m just gonna get it out there because I get sad talking about it. I’m just gonna get it out there now so that hopefully people start hearing about it.”

Tyler added that he was doing “okay” but when asked if they were still friends, he replied “I don’t know.”

Tyler and his fiancee announced their engagement over a year ago and the two had been together for quite some time.


I feel like this shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, they were high school sweethearts, he got famous, then they broke up. I think that if you look through records it is usually that people don’t marry their high school sweetheart. The odds are even more against you when you are an actor, right? Usually you get married like four times when you are famous and it is absolutely fine!

Everyone is saying how sad it is but guess what, I am sure that the two of them will do just fine on their own. No need to worry since Tyler is freaking gorgeous and his fiancee well she is young. It isn’t the end for either of them.

What do you think happened though? Tyler probably hooked up with someone, right? Like there is a kind of high percentage of that, right?

Man Crush Monday: Tyler Posey

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and Tyler Posey was one of the two hosts, the other was Sarah Hyland. Anyway, Tyler Posey absolutely killed it as a host because one thing, he didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t think that the show was anything too serious simply because it isn’t a serious thing.

Most of you know Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf and really that is all that I know him from too. Is he the best actor in the world? No, he isn’t. He seems like a really good time though! He liked to party and hang out, he also doesn’t hang out around the whole Hollywood lifestyle too much.

Tyler is absolutely adorable and I love looking at him, can’t help it. How can you not love that little off center jaw that he has? So adorable.

Keep on being hot Mr.Posey, if you got it flaunt it!