Man Crush Monday: Tyler Joseph

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Tyler Joseph is one half of the group Twenty One Pilots, that has been absolutely taking over the airwaves since last summer. Let’s be real, these guys have had tremendous success over the past few years, and they worked hard to get there, do you have to respect it!

Tyler is the lead singer of the band and he is a total babe, am I right? I mean he is a singer, songwriter, does it get any more dreamy than that? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately for us, Tyler did recently get married to his long time girlfriend but hey, good for them! It’s always nice to see a rock star being faithful to someone, she is even joining them on tour because she helps keep him grounded. Let’s all say ‘Aw’ all at once, yeah?

I have a feeling we will be hearing from Twenty One Pilots for a long time to come and I personally can’t wait!

Happy Monday!

Image result for tyler joseph

Image result for tyler joseph

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