Celebrities Are Tragic’s Top 10 Stories Of 2016!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for making 2016 the best year for Celebrities Are Tragic! Many celebrities have retweeted articles about them, more views than ever, and it’s finally starting to gain more of a following. So thank you all so, so much for that!

Here are the stories that have been clicked on the most this year!

10. Robin Roberts Looks Beautiful On The Oscars 2016 Red Carpet 

9. Keegan Allen Wrote A Beautiful Instagram Post Dedicated To Troian Bellisario

8. Drake Releases Set List For Summer Sixteen Tour

7. Selena Gomez & Orlando Bloom Were Very Cozy In Vegas 

6. The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast Get Tattoos To Honor Their Characters

5. Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Together? 

4. Christina Grimmie Dies After Being Shot At Concert

3. This Is Why ‘Nashville’ Shouldn’t Be Cancelled 

2. Listen To Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Sing ‘True Colors’

1. Niall Horan Is Off The Market! 

There you have it! What can I say about 2016? It’s been real, it’s been cool, it hasn’t been real cool.

Goodbye 2016 you dumpster fire! I will not miss you!

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Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, & Son Silas Dress Up As “Troll” Characters

As most people know, Justin Timberlake is a voice in the new movie “Trolls”, he also produced the whole soundtrack which is pretty bad ass, so it is a project he is very happy about.

Well, for Halloween the whole Timberlake family decided to get in on the action and dress up as characters from the “Troll” movie. Justin, Jessica, and Silas all went trick or treating in full on outfits. That hair couldn’t have been comfortable, right?

Honestly, I love this. Justin and Jessica have always been a fairly private couple so it is nice when they give a glimpse in to their personal life.

Cutest family costume so far!

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Justin Timberlake Releases Official Video For ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’

There was a comment I read somewhere that said this is the new ‘Happy’, know what I have to say to that? Sit down and shut up, the king is singing.

I have to be honest, I do believe that only Justin Timberlake can bring back the white denim on white denim, he looks great in it, but I am really hoping that it doesn’t become a thing again. Now if he went back to wearing over sized overalls and things like that? I can work with that, that is some 90’s throwback gear that should come back.

This song has been stuck in my head since it came out but I am more excited for when his duet with Anna Kendrick comes out, their ‘True Colors’ cover is something magical. I can only hope it will get radio play.

Watch the music video and just dance, dance, dance, girl.

Also this song was Justin’s first debut at number one, yes he has had number ones in the past but nothing has ever debuted at number one, so congrats to him on that!

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Listen To Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick Sing ‘True Colors’

So, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are currently in Cannes promoting their new movie ‘Trolls’. A movie where Justin Timberlake produced the whole soundtrack and Anna Kendrick voices one of the lead trolls. Basically this movie is going to be dope because the cast is incredible and with Justin Timberlake working on the soundtrack, it will clearly be hit after hit.

This duet though, this duet is something that I didn’t even know I needed until I heard it. Their voices sound so incredible together, they just work.

So give it a listen and try not to cry. I can’t wait to see ‘Trolls’ either.

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Justin Timberlake Releases ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’!

Everyone is worried that Justin Timberlake is going to be going country, want to know the funny thing? Usually his albums have more than one sound, he could have one country song and the rest can be a mom pop feel, or R&B. Justin can literally sing any type of music, that is something that I am positive about.

This is the kind of music that happens with Justin and Max Martin come together, it is just incredible. Max Martin is seriously a God when it comes to pop music and he has probably written some of your favorite pop hits, that’s a story for another day though.

Let’s just appreciate this song that will be in ‘Trolls’ and all of the celebrity cameos in the video. I am hoping that since James Corden is in the video there will be a Carpool Karaoke, can you imagine that? It would be the best one of all time.

The true King Justin is back, the Jester Justin can take a seat.

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