Man Crush Monday: Tom Brady

So usually I try and steer clear of athletes when it comes to my man crush Mondays simply because I don’t really care about them. I mean I had that hot UFC fighter a few weeks ago but this week, it must be Tom Brady. I mean how can you go wrong with this hottie? Personally I am a big football fan, it is the one sport that I will sit and watch the full game of. They all look so good running around in those little tight pants. Patriots are my favorite team simply because of my location, oh and because they are the best team in the league! Tom Brady? No one is finer than him, except Julian Edelman.

Let’s put it this way, if looks were the reason why football teams won their games, the Patriots would be undefeated every single year due to their quarter back. Handsome Tom, how can you not love it? Sure he started dating someone else while his ex girlfriend was pregnant but hey, he is an athlete, that is what they do!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the scruff, appreciate the jawline, and those green eyes? Making me swoon over here! Of course Tom has had his fashion hiccups here and there but no one cares because he is married to a super model and he has won three super bowls!

Let’s go Patriots and I hope you are all ready for the football season to start up!