Tinashe Releases Choreographed “Flame” Music Video


It’s a damn tragedy that Tinashe isn’t getting the love that she deserves. Her music is absolute fire, she is beautiful, and homegirl can dance her ass off. If it was the early 2000’s she would be crushing the radio having all three of those checked off.

Really though, Tinashe has some series talent. Her vocals are incredible and I mean she’s already worked with Britney, what more do you want people?

Yesterday she released the choreographed music video for her single “Flame” which just reminds me that I can’t dance. I like to think that I can dance sometimes but yeah, I really suck.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Tinashe is the lead dancer in the first group, the others are not her. I had to clear that up.

Go listen to her now because she deserves more attention!

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Tinashe & Lost Kings Release “Quit You” Lyric Video

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Can we talk about how hot Tinashe is right now? I have known about her for a while now, her and Nick Jonas have a remix to “Jealous” that is a pure bop. Then of course she was featured on “Slumber Party” with Britney Spears and now it seems like she is slowly becoming a household name and I don’t hate it at all.

Although we may never hear Joyride which was supposed to be released as Tinashe’s big album, she is doing damn well for herself right now. This girl is being featured on everything and I hope that her record label notices how much people love her.

She is what we need in music right now. She is like Ciara and Cassie but more talented.

This song just goes to prove that she has what it takes to sing an entire song and have it be incredible. This is definitely my favorite release from Tinashe yet!

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Tinie Tempah & Tinashe Team Up For “Text From Your Ex”

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Tinashe is so hot right now. I swear she is in so many songs right now, I am all about it too. She reminds me a bit of Cassie and a bit of Ciara but I think that she has more talent. There I said it.

The song is a bit short but it is catchy and in the long run that’s all that matters. Well that’s all that matters for the charts, right?

Check it out!

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Watch Tinashe Show Off Her Dance Moves In “Company” Video

I am really into this whole 90’s vibe that Tinashe is throwing out there with this song and music video. The beat reminded me of something that Mya would have put together and the dance moves? Well they are absolutely in point. I don’t even know how one gets their body to move like that honestly.

As much most people know Tinashe is an up and coming artist. She kind of reminds me of Cassie or maybe even Ciara but her talent is insane. Between her dance moves and her voice it’s just out of this world.

I think it is about time for her label to invest some more money into her career because I would love to hear this on the radio.

So whatever label Tinashe is signed to, invest some money in this crazy talented person. Okay?

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Britney Spears Releases “Slumber Party” Music Video Featuring Tinashe

Oh hell yess!!! Slay Britney, slay! That is what most of the comments on this video say and I must admit, I agree. Britney has never looked better and I love that she does some of her choreographed dancing.

Is it weird that I like hearing Britney swear? Probably but I don’t even care, I just love it.

Listen to Britney and go fucking crazy!

This song is dope, right?

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