Miley Cyrus will win TIME magazine Person of the Year


Miley can’t stop and she won’t stop! She is leading the polls right now in the vote for TIME magazine’s person of the year and I know why! Miley has a big gay fan base, everyone knows it. Know who she is up against? Well a few people I don’t know and fucking Vladimir Putin! That Russian dictator who is all against gay rights, so obviously he isn’t going to win.

May I also say that I just voted for Miley Cyrus and it was between her and Jimmy Fallon, fucking really? Jimmy Fallon is so fucking annoying I would cry if I saw him on the cover of this damn magazine. Would he do a weird impression then a weird dance and then have Justin Timberlake on the cover with him? Probably.

Can you imagine if she wins though? I always thought that TIME magazine was a respected magazine that old people loved to read but with Miley on the cover, it will probably be its biggest seller right? It is just so fucking hilarious. I would love to see that bleach blonde bitch with her tongue sticking on out the cover of that magazine.

Miley can’t stop, she won’t stop, this is Miley’s world and we are just living it.