Charlie Puth Offers To Play At Fan’s Wedding

To be honest, I haven’t had much of an opinion on Charlie Puth until now. I mean I always thought that his voice was alright, but he was a talented song writer. Charlie actually writes all of his own songs, plays piano, and is a pretty talented guy. After doing a bit of research he definitely isn’t your average typical pop star. He went to Berkley college of music, so he is actually educated when it comes to music, very impressive.

Last night he performed at Brighton Music Hall in Brighton, MA and during his show he played a fan favorite “Then There’s You” a fan in the crowd yelled out how that was giong to be his wedding song. Charlie immediately acknowledged the fan and started to talk to him saying that he would actually perform the song at their wedding. He even told them to go and talk to his tour manager and they would work something out.

Can you even imagine that? Seeing one of your favorite artists live and having a moment to be able to yell out how their song is going to be your wedding song, them hearing you and agreeing to play at your wedding? Maybe next time I am at a concert I will just yell that out, then let them know that they just agreed to play something that will most likely be ten years in the future, but they still agreed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a full video but here is just a clip where you see Charlie’s reaction after he hears the fan!
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