Alicia Keys & Miley Cyrus Will Be Joining Season 11 Of ‘The Voice’

Let me be the first to say that I can’t believe that ‘The Voice’ has been going on for 11 seasons, I guess it’s hard to keep track when there really haven’t been any huge stars to win the show. I understand that some of them have had hits but none of them are on the scale of like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or even Phillip Phillips.

Anyway! It has been confirmed that Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus will be judges on the next season of the voice, I am assuming the other two judges will be Blake and Adam, since they have yet to miss a season.

Listen as much as I can respect Christina, Gwen, and Shakira, Alicia is on a whole different level. In my opinion Alicia Keys  has one of the greatest voices of all time. She is such a soulful singer and a great performer as well. Her voice sets her a part from most of the other female vocalists out there. Miley is a really great singer too. A lot of people don’t give her credit because she kind of went off the rails for a minute but she can sing, so I think that she will be a great coach.

Team Alicia for the win, I am calling it now.

I hope this means that these two both have new music coming back, that would make sense, right?

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Sam Hunt Sang “Break Up In A Small Town” On ‘The Voice’ Season Finale

Let’s be real, Sam Hunt is an absolute babe, can we all agree on that? He is easily one of the best looking guys in music right now, and his voice is just, wow. His whole half sing, half talk thing is where it is at right now. I am also so happy that he is singing “Break Up In A Small Town” rather than “Take Your Time”. Listen I love both songs but the small town break up, let’s be real a lot of people have been through that. Very few have had a guy hit on them at a bar and the guy just wants to talk, nothing else.

Sam killed his performance though! I also have to add that I am beyond jealous of the girl who got to hold his hand during the performance. Lucky lady.

Watch Sam sing and feel yourself swoon, if I could put a hearteyes emoji here I totally would.

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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Make It Official!

So the other day I wrote a post trying to figure out what exactly Blake and Gwen were. If it was all rumors or what, but apparently they are together. Last night both Gwen and Blake’s reps confirmed that they were a couple. Now they confirmed it like two hours before the CMA awards, can you believe that? I mean I get being a couple and all of that, but poor Miranda. Yeah I will say that! She finds out her ex-husband has a new girlfriend right before she has to perform on national television? That is cold.

This happened pretty quick though, right? I mean the ink is barely dried on each of those divorce papers which makes me wonder. You know what I am thinking, right? Was something going on before the divorces even happened? Now I am not saying that anything did happen, I am just stating some observations!

This couple is very odd to me. I love Gwen, I think Gwen is a badass punk rock chick who can skateboard. All of Blake’s songs describe his perfect woman being someone who can hang out at home in front of a fire on the farm or something. This just all seems odd to me, very planned out.

Are ‘The Voice’ ratings slipping or something? Is that why this is happening? Could this odd couple actually work out?

Tell me what you think here!

Also I am weirdly fascinated by this couple, I have no idea why but I seriously can’t get enough!

Are Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Together?

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Halloween, PDA, Exclusive(credit)

Now when I first heard these rumors about Blake and Gwen being a couple I didn’t actually believe it could be a thing. I mean it made sense that there were rumors because the two were on a show together. The press couldn’t make up rumors about Gwen with Adam or Pharrell because both of those men are married. Actually, I don’t think the press gives a shit about who is married to who. That’s not the point though. The point is that I thought all of these rumors were straight up false.

That was until this Halloween weekend when they were spotted together at not one, not two, but three Halloween parties together! I mean if they were at one together, I could understand that. Mutual friends, whatever, but three? Three parties in one night though, that is some serious couple stuff.

More power to these two right? Reports say that Gavin cheated on Gwen, those are all reports though, I have no idea if they are true or false. Then there was Blake who pulled the plug on Miranda because he was convinced she was cheating too. Again, those reports are all just people talking, I don’t know if they are true or false.

I can’t lie I kind of hope these two make it, the California skater girl and the cowboy, how romantic?

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Travis Ewing Sings ‘Say My Name’ On The Voice

Can I just say that this is easily one of the greatest performances I have ever seen on ‘The Voice’, there is no question about it. Travis Ewing is my favorite contestant of the season, I don’t even need to see any more performances. Travis absolutely slayed his performance and it was so refreshing. I mean, anyone who can make a Destiny’s Child song sound like their own, they are talented, right?

Plus, he made Xtina hit her button in like 5 seconds, that is pretty impressive.

Casey Weston Releases Lyric Video For ‘Fallin For A Lie’

Have you ever heard a song and just thought, yes I like this, yes I want to hear this forever? Well this is one of my favorite songs of the moment and probably going to continue out for the rest of the year. I can picture me drunk off Twisted Teas singing this at a bar, or hanging out on a beach. This song makes me feel like summer if that makes sense and I can’t wait!

As most of you know, Casey Weston was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice and now she is going after her own solo career and if it all sounds like this, then it is going to be very good for her!

Really though, this song and the lyrics that are used are so easy to relate to. I feel like everyone has a memory where they could have this song playing in the background.

“I don’t want a thing from you, just some time will do” , easily my favorite line of the entire song.

Bravo Casey Weston, I am an official fan and I hope to hear much more from you in the future!

Usher’s Album Confessions Turns 10 Today!


Let me start off by saying if you don’t think that the album Confessions is one of the best albums in the recent 10 years you are absolutely wrong. Confessions has a track list that you just cannot beat, especially for the time period that it came out at. Usher was at the top of his game at the time and his music proves why.

The first song released off of it was “Yeah!” you know the banger that is still played in clubs to this day and everyone goes crazy for? Yeah! With the mixture of Usher, Ludacris, and Lil’ John, you just couldn’t beat it. Hell that song gets more people dancing than any recent songs that have recently come out, just sayin’. Then the song “Confessions” came out and it just exploded. Everyone was convinced it was about Chili and that he got a random chick pregnant. Nope, none of it was autobiographical but the song still made people go crazy. There was also “My Boo” where everyone figured that him and Alicia Keys were once madly in love and the catchy song “Caught Up”, just hits on hits on hit!

Those few songs were great but let’s talk about the real hit of this entire album, “Burn”. If you didn’t listen to Burn and just cry to it, you lived your life wrong. Burn is still one of the best break up songs of all time and Usher’s beautiful voice just makes it even better.

I also guarantee that after you read this you will go on YouTube or Spotify and jam out to this album because it is just that good.

CeeLo Green Leaves ‘The Voice’ For Good!


Hearing that CeeLo Green was leaving ‘The Voice’ was easily one of the best parts of my day for many reasons. The first reason is that this day has been extremely boring in celebrity gossip, even though this news happened last night. The second reason is that CeeLo creeps me out. With his big head and tiny little baby hands, he really freaks me out.

I think that ‘The Voice’ realized that the guy they needed on their panel for the rest of their time on air would be Usher. I mean if you put Usher and CeeLo up next to each other, Usher will win every single time. No one wants to be chosen by CeeLo, that is basically a death sentence because CeeLo scares people so no one wants to vote for his teammates.

It probably didn’t help that CeeLo was accused of date raping a girl this past October either. He plead not guilty to the charges but the case is still pending. Even though the producers of ‘The Voice’ said it didn’t interfere, it had to of.

Anyway, I am extremely happy to hear this news! Usher for the rest of eternity of ‘The Voice’ be gone CeeLo!

Shakira and Rihanna: ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ is Incredible!

ImageWhen I first heard that these two ladies were coming out with a song I was beyond excited, I was so excited for them! I love Shakira, she is the main reason I watched The Voice that one season and Rihanna is a fucking goddess. So yeah, this song is going to be one of the biggest songs of the year. It is so different and amazing. Even the title is amazing, obviously the song doesn’t have much substance but who the fuck cares with these two gorgeous ladies, they sound so good together!

When this music video comes out, be prepared to have the internet blow up from it being so incredible.

Gaga & X-Tina absolutely kill “Do What U Want” last night

So I am a little late with this video because I don’t watch The Voice, I try but I feel like there are just way too many rounds to keep up with. Plus Usher isn’t on it this season so why would I watch? Anyway, I saw this video and I was like, oh no, X-Tina is trying to make yet another come back. Her Say Something song is good but boring, I was terrified. Then she came out and her and Gaga did absolutely incredible! I am so pleasantly surprised by this!

The thing I love the most is that it looks like a weird 70’s performance. The outfits are stupid looking and X-Tina is rocking a huge ass fro! I mean it was perfect, her and Gaga danced around holding hands, I do have a question though, does this mean that these two are going to come out a collaboration? They should.

Gaga and X-tina 2014, Make it happen ladies! Also this is much better than having R.Kelly in it, just saying.