Man Crush Monday: Eddie Redmayne

Eddie is an absolute babe, am I right? I mean he has a nice jawline, gorgeous blue eyes, little freckles, oh and an English accent. That is really all you need to become a total babe.

I have a feeling that this year the Oscar for best male performance is going to go to this dude. I loved Bradley Cooper in ‘American Sniper’ but I think that Eddie’s transformation to Stephen Hawking was truly incredible. His speeches are always so cute too because he just cries. He has a lot of emotions and he lets them just pour out through years and happiness.

Sadly Eddie got married this year, well happy? I don’t know. Sad for us, happy for him I assume.

I just want to add that his voice sounds like it belongs to a 6’5″ man who weighs about 250 pounds. Do you agree?

Happy Monday, I hope that looking at cute little Eddie makes it suck less!