Amber Heard Files For Divorce From Johnny Depp

Well that didn’t last very long, did it? In case you didn’t know Johnny and Amber met on the set of ‘The Rum Diaries’ and went into a very quick engagement into a wedding. Johnny left his long time partner and mother of his children for Amber, and even bought her a fucking island. Now apparently they are getting a divorce, just one year into marriage. In case you didn’t know before this, Johnny was with his longtime partner Vanessa Paradis from 1998 until 2012, so clearly breaking up his family for Amber was worth it.

Like most celebrity divorces Amber filed for irreconcilable differences and is also asking for spousal support for Johnny. Word on the street is that Johnny doesn’t want to pay her a dime, so there is a good chance this divorce will get pretty ugly. According to TMZ, there is no prenup between the two of them, which means there is a good chance that Amber could get half of well, everything.

Johnny is currently out promoting his newest movie and people were curious where Amber was considering she is usually on his arm, looks like we know now.

I am sure they will both date and eventually marry beautiful people after this.

Johnny Depp is probably a real weirdo, but you don’t divorce Johnny Depp. That is all I can say about that. He is eternally hot no matter how intense and strange he is.

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Amber Heard Will Soon Be Amber Depp


Now I am not sure how soon is soon but Amber Heard is doing something so good that Johnny Depp had to put a ring on it. This couple met on the set of his movie ‘Rum Diary’ while he was still with his ex of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis. Quickly after the release of the movie, the couple broke up and Amber stopped being a lesbian and moved on to Depp. Yeah, that’s right, this blonde beauty was a lesbian for a while, Johnny Depp changed her mind though apparently.

Right when they started to day things got hot fast, Depp named a private island or some shit after her. I wish I had someone to name a private island after me! They have always been pretty quiet about their relationship until recently though so good for them finally feeling comfortable enough to share how beautiful they are with the rest of us little ugly people of the world.

How bad do you think that Vanessa Paradis feels though? Homegirl was with this weird artist for 14 years and then boom, he leaves her for a hot young thing. Well I would probably leave someone for Heard too but that isn’t the point! She said recently that she isn’t bitter but can you imagine what she is plotting? She will probably end up dating Clooney or something as a big fuck you to Depp.

Anyway, good luck to these two and good job for sinking your nails into Depp’s back Amber, you nabbed one of the sexiest men of all time.