Check Out The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘The Leftovers’

Have you ever watched a show and had absolutely no idea what was going on?

‘The Leftovers’ is definitely one of those shows for me. I have watched every season and I still have no idea what is going to happen. Maybe that is the point though? Maybe finally this final season will wrap everything up!

Obviously I love the shirtless Justin Theroux but the trailer is so bizarre which is exactly what this show is. It is super dark but the background music is so upbeat. Bizarre, all of it.

So check out the trailer below!

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Paris Hilton Is Dating ‘The Leftovers’ Star Chris Zylka

Image result for paris hilton and chris zylka

Paris Hilton is out there still doing the damn thing. I know that Kim Kardashian stole her, well everything but Paris doesn’t quit. She is now a famous DJ in case you weren’t aware and she still dates hotties.

Remember back when Paris dated a guy names Paris? That was a wild time to be alive.

It looks like for now Paris has found love in actor Chris Zylka. If he looks familiar he plays Tom in the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’ and was also Jake in The CW series ‘The Secret Circle’. Oh and he also dated Lucy Hale for a little while.

It looks like these two are officially official though since Paris posted a photo of her and Chris making out on her Snapchat recently.

I give this relationship a month before they break up.

Just a little for the record thing, I still prefer Paris to Kim.

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Regina King Is A Vision On The Emmys’ Red Carpet

The queen Regina King looked absolutely gorgeous on the Emmys red carpet. My lawd girl! I love Regina King, she is nominated for ‘American Crime’ and I am going to nominate her as one of the best dressed women of the right.

Regina is always elegant and beautiful.

This may sound weird, I absolutely love her voice too. Just her speaking voice is great, I could listen to her read the phone book.

Okay, that’s enough being a weirdo but Regina keep on slaying!

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Man Crush Monday: Justin Theroux


Have you ever been attracted to someone and you have absolutely no idea why? There is just something about them that you can’t put your finger on and when you think about it, you just don’t get it. That is how I feel about Justin Theroux, obviously he is a good looking guy. He got Jennifer Aniston! There is just something sexy about him.

Now people may be wondering why I chose him for this week but it is simple, he is the main star in the new HBO original series, ‘The Leftovers’ which premiered last night. I honestly didn’t have very high expectations for the show but I was pleasantly surprised. Other than all the dogs being murdered it was a great show!

From what I can see from his acting he can play an absolutely terrifying psycho like he did in ‘Charlie’s Angel’s’, in all honesty he probably wasn’t that scary I was just 10 when I watched it. He can also be hilarious like he was in ‘Wanderlust’, and he can play the serious brooding father in ‘The Leftovers’. I like what I see.

I have a feeling that Justin Theroux is going to be the talk of the summer with his new show, I can’t wait to see him get the recognition that he deserves. I also can’t wait for him to become Mr. Jennifer Aniston.