Lady Gaga Joins James Corden In Carpool Karaoke!

There are no words other than the fact that Lady Gaga is insanely talented. Obviously James has had some seriously talented people in his carpool karaoke but I love this one. Lady Gaga sounds exactly like she does on the album and you have to appreciate that one.

Maybe one day she will put out dance music like ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Poker Face’, you know songs like that? I want them back!

Bravo though, another great carpool karaoke and James Corden kills it as always. He is currently winning late night.

Also, Gaga is looking better than ever, right?

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James Corden Performs With The Backstreet Boys

Photo published for James Corden Performs With Backstreet Boys, Vows to Bring Back Boy Bands

Ever since the Backstreet Boys announced their Vegas residency, it’s like they are everywhere, and let me clear. I am not complaining. I have been a fan of the boys since I was 6, and I have seen them 8 times in concert. That’s right, even when they weren’t very popular, my mom and I would still go and see their show because their music is great and they are incredible performers. That’s right. They sing, they dance, and they entertain which is exactly what you want out of a band.

Last night on their publicity tour, they swung by James Corden and it was perfect. This solidifies his spot as my favorite late night host, that’s for sure. He could easily go in as the sixth member of the group.

Also, his little speech about how boy bands are supposed to act? Yeah, I am all about that. One Direction was a boy band yes, but they weren’t a BOY BAND, you feel? Yes, they are boys, they can all sing well, but they don’t dress alike and they don’t dance, not a true boy band.

Watch the performance, pray for Brian’s voice, and just dance in your chair like I did at work.

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Stranger Things’ Joe Keery and Ben Schwartz Prove They Aren’t The Same Person

I love when celebrities have celebrity doppelgangers and they play into them. I mean Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel could be twins, Margot Robbie and Jamie Pressly look super similar, and I am pretty sure that Isla Fisher and Amy Adams were separated at birth. Did I fail to mention Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev? Well again, they are actually separated at birth, I will always believe that, I don’t care what anyone has to say. Add these two to that list now as well.

Last night Joe and Ben got together on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ and were hysterical. James Corden is always on fire with his skits and this one is no different.

There was some theory that Joe’s character Steve could be Ben’s character’s father. I don’t know. I watched ‘Stranger Things‘ but not ‘Parks & Recreation’, I know shame on me. The skit was extremely funny though, so go and take a look.

I am glad we saw these two in the same room finally because I am still kind of sure that they are clones of each other.


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Nick Jonas Brings The ‘Bacon’ On ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’

I wish that Nick‘s management put this much attention on ‘Chainsaw‘, which is in my opinion Nick’s best song. Nick’s management also manages Demi, so if they could give her any commercial success that would be cool too. Sorry, had to throw that out there.

The opening to this performance is pretty perfect, right? James Corden dressed as an egg? That’s comedy!

Great performance though, can we get more Nick on the radio please? He actually had an incredible voice, so come on.

We need to do better as a country. Play Nick Jonas on the radio. Let’s make the radio great again.

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Britney Spears Slays During Carpool Karaoke

Image result for britney carpool karaoke

This is the first time ever I wished that I could reach through the screen and put my hand over James Corden’s mouth. Let the woman sing! People don’t think that Britney can sing anymore and she ended up well, singing! I understand its also your time to show off your vocal abilities but they haven’t been dragged through the mud like Brit has been!

All that matters is that Britney slayed the damn thing she reminded people that she does have a fun personality, and that she can sing.

Maybe, she is usually shy because she always gets shit from the media and has since she was 17, have you ever thought of that? No? Well you should read my article about leaving Britney alone.

Britney is back, she is seriously one of the hottest things on the planet again and life is good.

God bless Godney!


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Watch James Corden & Jason Derulo Take Dance Lessons From Toddlers

Other than the obviously popular Carpool Karaoke, James Corden loves to do have his guests do Toddlerography, another hysterical skit. It is fairly simple. James and guests take dance lessons from toddlers and the toddlers give them a run for their money.

Know who makes it look like of easy though? Of course it’s Jason Derulo. The man is so talented.

Check out the video below!

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Sia Does Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

Carpool karaoke is by far my favorite late night skit. James Corden hit gold with that one for sure, he has some of the biggest stars singing like there’s no tomorrow. You have to love it!

In this specific one Sia opens up about why she wears wigs, she sings the song she wrote for Rihanna ‘Diamonds’, along with multiple other hits.

So watch it and appreciate the greatness that is Sia.

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Watch Adele Sing Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

James Corden and his carpool karaoke skits are by far my favorite thing on late night right now. In my opinion this is what makes him one of the best late night hosts out there. Somehow he convinced some of the biggest stars in the world to sit in a car and sing with him. It is really perfect.

Last night he had Adele with him in the car and it was simply magic. The skit is nearly fifteen minutes long but hearing Adele sing live, and rap some Nicki Minaj, it makes it all worth it.

Honestly, my dream s for a drunk Adele to pay for my dinner, maybe one day.

She killed it, these skits are hilarious. That is all.

Check it out below!


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Watch James Corden Carpool With One Direction

I am actually really bummed that One Direction is taking a break because over the past few weeks they have really grown on me. I mean 1D and James Corden could easily be the new Jimmy Fallon and JT, I would absolutely prefer them over JT and JF.

Last night they did a little carpool karaoke and it was absolutely hilarious. Probably the last time we will hear them sing too. Well unless they actually aren’t breaking up and they want to stay together.

He should just make a whole show as this segment, it is hilarious.

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Harry Styles Got A New Tattoo Live On The ‘Late Late Show’

Two days in a row, two posts involving James Corden, I am kind of obsessed with him. Not in a creepy way, maybe only a little bit of a creepy way, but it’s cool.

Last night he had One Direction on, who are getting ready to go on their hiatus, and they played a fun game called tattoo roulette. The only one who actually seemed nervous was the perfect little Irish angel Niall. He is the only member of the group that doesn’t have any tattoos. Could you imagine if he got his first tattoo live on television? I kind of wish that happened.

Of course Harry was the winner, or loser depending on how you look at it. You know, I have always said I don’t get the obsession with Harry Styles, but I am starting to. He just seems like a cool guy, just down to earth, doesn’t really care that he has to get another tattoo. Plus those dimples are something special. Sorry I am late to jump on the Harry Styles bandwagon, I just get it now.

Now I have a question for you, would you ever get a 1D tattoo? Tell me here!