Fergie Teases Her New Music!

Fergie, I have been waiting for new music for what feels like a decade. Sure she came out with ‘L.A. Love’ not long ago but that doesn’t count. That was simply a single and she was obviously just testing out a song. No album followed the single or anything.

Today though, today she gave us a taste of what she has been working on and I don’t think that we are ready. We are not worth of new music from The Duchess.

People can say what they want about Fergie but homegirl can sell music and she has always been ahead of her time. I mean I know that Black Eyed Peas were a band but I am positive that if they were to come out today, as a new band, they would be on the top of the charts. The group was well ahead of their time.

Fergie, I am not ready for your new music but I am ready for your new music. I don’t know what we have done to deserve it, but thank you.

Also the title of this song will be MILF Money, so that’s awesome.


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