Alicia Keys Releases New Song “That’s What’s Up” On Her 36th Birthday!

What did we do to deserve a talent like Alicia Keys? I mean seriously, when she was only 19 she came out with her mega-hit “Fallin” and after that it was history. In my opinion Alicia will go down at one of the best female musicians to ever live. A lot of people can sing, many can play piano, and some can write but not all can do those three things the way that Alicia can do it, that’s something I am sure of.

So happy birthday.

As a birthday girl, Alicia actually gave back to us. She released a new song called “That’s What’s Up” which is a song that show off her absolutely insane vocal range.

Sometimes you just need to hear Alicia Keys do her thing and in this song, she does the damn thing.

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