Bruno Mars Releases Music Video For “That’s What I Like”


I am completely sure that Bruno Mars is my favorite male entertainer out right now. Don’t worry I am not going to start comparing him to anyone else, but Bruno just does it for me. His voice, his dance moves, the fact that he is tiny. I love every single second of this talented guy.

Today he dropped a surprise video for his song “That’s What I Like” and it is simple yet perfect. He dances his little ass off with only some pencil drawings around him. No need for a big video, he decided to go simple this time.

Bruno’s next single better be “Versace On The Floor” or else I am going to riot.

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Watch Bruno Mars Sing “That’s What I Like” At The Brit Awards

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If you don’t think that Bruno Mars is one of the greatest performers of this generation you’re wrong. This man can do everything and I mean everything. He can play instruments, he can sing, he can dance, oh and he can sing live. Bruno has everything that an artist could ask for in the talent department.

People want to say Justin Timberlake is one of the best performers out there right now and he is great and all, he is an icon for sure but there is something about Bruno. I don’t know what sets him above everyone else but he is definitely the best.

Bruno will definitely go down as a legend in the music business.

I love that he is pocket sized and his music is so damn sexy. Hopefully his next single is “Versace On The Floor” that will get you pregnant just by listening to it. Was that too much? I don’t care.

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