Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Baby Number 3!

Megan Fox pregnant baby bump

Megan Fox coming in hot sporting a baby bump. For so long so many women hated on Megan Fox because she is beautiful and can act, but I have to say, I haev always been a fan. Say what you will about her but she really has never been in the news for anything bad. Other than comparing Michael Bay to Hitler, probably not the best comparison.

Now, Megan and Brian Austin Green reportedly split after 11 years together last year, but have remained close since announcing the split. I believe they even still live in the same house, well that’s what reports have said. The couple do share two children, Noah who is 3, and Bohdi who is 2. Damn girl, you’re about to have three toddlers so God bless!

Everyone is starting to freak out because no one knows who the baby daddy is. My bets are on Brian Austin Green but who knows! Also, why is it out business? Obviously America wants to know everything about everyone, that is why our hair is so big, but is it really our business?

Remember back when January Jones got pregnant wouldn’t say who the father was? To this day she hasn’t said who the father of her son is and the world eventually got over that.

Congrats to Megan though!

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