Ne-Yo Brings Adorable Family To The 2016 Teen Choice Awards

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Can we all just say this together? Awwww. How adorable right?

Ne-Yo Ne-Yo is one of my all time favorite male vocalists, so I am always excited to see him on an awards show, even if it is the Teen Choice Awards. Fun fact, not only is he a great singer, he has written a ton of songs for other artists that you probably bop to, so we should appreciate him.

Last night Ne-Yo brought his wife and son to the show!

Ne-Yo made a pretty strong point with his performance, taking a stand against gun violence in this country.

Maybe there is hope for the next generation, at least they are seeing that they can stand up against things that they don’t believe in.

So thank you Ne-Yo and I can’t wait for new music!

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Justin Timberlake Gives Inspiring Speech At The 2016 Teen Choice Awards

One of the first things I thought when I saw Kobe coming up on stage to give Justin his award was, are they really friends? I am still wondering if they are actually friends. Kobe looked less than impressed the entire time that Justin was up there, so who knows?!

Justin deserves this award, I will say that. I don’t think any other artist other than Beyonce has had the impact on entertainment like Justin has. Of course there have been game changers like Lady Gaga and Adele, but Justin is in a league of his own. We can all agree with that. He also dressed like a dad, to remind us that he is old enough to receive an award like this.

Justin’s speech was great though, I think that everyone can agree with that. Giving a speech about acceptance is important right now. There is a lot of hate in this world and maybe teaching the younger generation to not hate anyone will help in the future, just maybe.

Congrats to Justin though, and I can’t wait to hear new music. I am also glad he kind of gave up on his acting career.

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Lucy Hale Looks Beautiful On The 2016 Teen Choice Red Carpet

Lucy Hale is my favorite from “Pretty Little Liars“, there I said it! No, she is actually my second favorite, I love Troian. Her twitter and snaps are on point.

Lucy’s dress really has a lot going on but it doesn’t matter because she has the most symmetrical face in the world and can pull off anything.

Good luck to all of the “Pretty Little Liars” because I think that they are nominated! I am really too old for this show.

PS, I know you are uber A Aria, I know it!

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John Stamos Looks Hot At Then 2016 Teen Choice Awards

We can all agree that John Stamos is an absolute babe, right? I mean he has been since the 80’s and nothing has changed since. Tonight is the Teen Choice Awards and John showed up looking damn fine. Dare I say, have mercy?

Let’s be real, I am probably too old to watch the show, John is probably too old to be there but will that stop us? Absolutely not.

John is there because he will be in the newest season of “Scream Queens” and because no matter what age you age, you know who Uncle Jesse is and you have a crush on him.

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Justin Timberlake Will Receive The Teen Choice Decade Award

Justin Timberlake is making his return to the Teen Choice Awards, to receive the Decade Award. Past winners have been none other than Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher, so he is in some pretty good company.

This presentation goes along with the 10 year anniversary of his smash album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, which produced a string of hits including “SexyBack” and “My Love.” My personal favorite JT song is also from that album, “What Goes Around”, easily one of his best and potentially most underrated tracks ever.

JT has already won 22 Teen Choice Awards, the most by any male ever. So you know, he is kind of a big deal to this little awards show.

The award show will air on July 31st on FOX and be sure to check back here for updates on the show!

Also, let’s start a prayer circle that NSYNC will return for this show as well, even though teenagers won’t appreciate it.

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Can We Talk About How Hot Josh Peck Is?

Last night I was watching the Teen Choice Awards, realizing how old I am and then this magnificent man walked onto the screen. Oh my god, Josh Peck is a babe now. I mean absolute stud muffin. He went from being that fat funny kid, to being the hot funny guy, good for him!

I don’t really have anything more to say other than Josh Peck is hot. I mean I would have never thought that after ‘Drake and Josh’ that Josh would be the one still around. Don’t be mad at me for saying that, it’s just Drake had that quality. Josh was funny, but it was like Keenan and Kel, I never thought that Keenan would be bigger than Kel, but it happened. Things happen! Life changes and does things you wouldn’t expect!

Apparently Josh is going to be in a new show called ‘Grandfathered’ with John Stamos, so I might have to check into that. I mean those two handsome men on one screen? Have mercy.

Wiz Khalifa Brings Adorable Son Sebastian To Teen Choice Awards

I don’t know about anyone else but I am strangely attracted to Wiz Khalifa and I think it is because I think he is a nice guy. Sure him and Amber had some words on social media but I just think he is a goofy stoner. Last night though he was a family man and brought his adorable son Sebastian to the Teen Choice Awards.

I will say that Sebastian, or Bash, as Wiz refers to him is one smooth looking two years old. Just crushing it in an all white outfit and nice, vans? Are those vans? I am going to say those might be vans. Wiz forgot his shirt but guess what, that’s cool!

This isn’t Bash’s first red carpet though, kid has already been to the Grammy’s! I am very jealous of this little kid.

Bash and Wiz crushing the red carpet, just a casual Sunday night for the family!

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Britney Spears Slayed The 2015 Teen Choice Awards Last Night!

Now I haven’t been a teen for a while, but I love my award shows. The best part about this one is you know who is going to win each category because only winners show up. No one ever shows up thinking there is a chance they might lose, literally everyone in that audience is only there because they know they are going to win.

Although I didn’t know a lot of the presenters or winners, one winner I know very well was Ms.Britney Bitch herself. She won for style icon which I think is a made up category just to get Brit an award. No matter what the case, I don’t hate it! Fifth Harmony presented her the award, and I am almost positive she had no idea who they were. She probably just assumed they were young fans who won some type of contest to give her the surfboard. I don’t think she even hugged them now that I am thinking about it.

In the little intro they showed a bunch of videos of Britney slaying the awards during her start of stardom and when they showed Britney watching, no expression. She wasn’t smiling, nothing just a blank stare. I miss the wild Brit, the preshaved head Brit.

It’s always nice to see Britney free roaming on her own. She was out there with her kids I believe and thanked them in her little speech.

Let’s be honest, Britney Spears will always be an icon and I can only hope that soon she will have another killer album and go on a real tour. Or she will retire and just spend time with her kids, because I believe that is all that she wants in life.

B.Spears for life.

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