Taylor Swift Teases All Of Us On Instagram!

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Taylor Swift  is definitely up to something and I want to get to the bottom of it!

Remember when everyone on the internet was calling her a snake? For the record, I would never, but a lot of people did.

It looks like Taylor is getting the last laugh with that insult because she is about to make a couple million dollars from a new song that might be about snakes.

As I reported the other day, Taylor has totally wiped her social media clean which means there is a new era upon us. An era that I am so ready for.

Now that I am watching the clip again, I can’t be sure that it is a snake. Maybe it is a dragon and she is going to be on ‘Game Of Thrones’.

So we still have no confirmation but I feel like this can only mean that new music is coming and she is going to sing about how she isn’t actually a snake but everyone else is.

Taylor Swift, the smartest marketer in the business.

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Kesha Teases New Music With Grammy Award Winning Artist

Kesha, why do you do this to us? We have been waiting for so long for new music, you’re finally able to make new music and you leave us hanging? I personally can’t wait until she starts releasing her new stuff. I know it won’t be as fun and trashy as her old music but I will still support her.

She is teasing us bad though, who is this Grammy award winning artist?

I have two guesses. My first one would be Taylor Swift, why do you ask? Taylor has quietly supported Kesha and the two have seemingly grown pretty close. Gigi Hadid also said that Taylor had been in the studio working on new music. Maybe her and Kesha were able to meet up and record a bomb ass song. Other hints is that she put 13 emojis and we all know that 13 is Taylor’s favorite number.

My second guess? Lady Gaga, I don’t really have much reason other than that it seems as though it makes sense. They are both artsy people who love their fans.

Some people are guessing Beyonce but I say no way to that.

Who do you think her special guest is, and are you excited for new Kesha?

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