Kelly Clarkson Joins Season 14 Of ‘The Voice’!

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If I was going to pick a team to be on for ‘The Voice‘ it would absolutely be Kelly Clarkson‘s team. There is zero question about that.

One thing that I hate is that I feel like Kelly is still underrated in most people’s eyes. She has had so many hits, she has taken breaks and been able to come back stronger than ever. Hell she even had her body image absolutely ripped apart but she still stood strong.

There were a lot of rumors that Kelly would actually be joining the ‘American Idol‘ reboot but it looks like she chose ‘The Voice’!

Team Kelly all the way.

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Carmelo Anthony Wants Nothing To Do With The US Men’s Olympic Basketball Team Sing-a-long!

Who doesn’t love to jam out to Vanessa Carlton on a long trip? Carmelo Anthony, that’s who.

Toronto Raptors player DeMar DeRozan posted teh vide of the whole team getting in on the singalong, but Carmelo Anthony looked like a grumpy cat just sitting there not joining in.

I highly reccomend you watch the video because it is pretty funny.

Good luck in Rio!

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