Man Crush Monday: Jason Derulo

Is there anyone that is better at summer bangers than Jason Derulo? I feel like he hides out all year then once summer hits, he releases track after track and they just blow up! From ‘Watcha Say’ to ‘Sky’s The Limit’ to ‘Talk Dirty’ he just knows how to make songs sound good. Know what makes me know they are his songs? He sings his damn name in every one of them so I never have to question it! Making it easy for me to look up instead of typing in random lyrics that I hear praying something pops up.

For me personally I feel like I am a much bigger Jason Derulo fan than what is accepted in society. Everyone says he is good and stuff but they don’t say that he is the greatest. This guy stepped up when Chris Brown fell and took his spot! I will say it! Hell this guy broke his back and didn’t give up! He kept up with everything and is now singing and dancing again.He is in the running for being the next Usher, in my opinion of course.

With that voice, those eyes, and muscles how can you go wrong? He can sing that ‘Will You Marry Me’ song all day and I will always say yes. Jordin Sparks you are a lucky lady, that is all I can say!

Can’t wait for more songs to be released through out the summer. Wiggle, wiggle and don’t you dare stop Jason!