Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for ‘Blank Space’ And It’s Perfect

Number one Taylor Swift you look absolutely amazing in this music video. Taylor Swift is girl crush material for sure, am I right? Second I have to wonder if this was filmed at her Rhode Island mansion? I mean it looks like some of the old Newport Mansions that they have down there. Yeah, I have visited, whatever!

This music video is so perfect though, I like to think that Taylor is going to continue to poke fun at herself in these music videos. Obviously ‘Shake It Off’ was her laughing at herself because she sucks at dancing. Then this one is about how everyone thinks that she is absolutely insane when it comes to guys. I mean the whole painting scene, it is just perfection. How can you not love this video? This song? So perfect! All of it!

Now we know T.Swift is a “nightmare dressed like a day dream” ,seriously such an incredible lyric. So incredible.

Also that sexual lip bite, I see that T.Swift.

A Full Album Review Of Taylor Swift’s New Album ‘1989’


On Tuesday, October 27th Taylor Swift released her senior album entitled ‘1989’. She made it very clear that for this album she was fully cutting ties with her country roots. Her last album ‘Red’ was barely country but country stations were still all about playing her music. I will tell you, none of these songs will be on any country stations across the country.

I want to put a bit ofo a disclaimed saying that I am a Taylor Swift fan, and I have been since her first album was released. I am looking at this album as a fan not as a serious musical critic.I will also be going song by song and give you my opinion. Like most fans I bought this album at midnight on Tuesday and listened to all of them right away. I did wait to write this though, so I could actually really listen to the music.

Usually Taylor’s Lyrics are like poetry. Thinking of a few of my favorites like ‘All to Well’, ‘Dear John’, and ‘Haunted’, they are all songs you can totally ugly cry to. I didn’t feel connected to most of these songs, only maybe three stood out to me. This feels like a debut album in my opinion which to some degree it is since she just turned into a full fledged pop singer, no country influence at all.

1) Welcome To New York

This by far is one of the worst songs on teh entire album, like probably the worst. I get that is an east coast girl now but this is just bad. Even the actual music is annoying. The repetitive lyrics drive me crazy, there isn’t much substance to this song. It seems like she wrote it for a holiday commercial about why people should go and visit New York. It also reminds me of something that would be a theme song to the next Selena Gomez movie, if Selena moves to New York of course. Thank God things can only go up from here right? Rating: 2/10

2) Blank Space

Yes Taylor, this makes up for making me listen to Welcome To New York! I mean the fact she uses the term “new money” makes me want to cry laughing. For some reason I think that is a hilarious saying. These lyrics are absolutely great, one of those relatable songs that all girls are going to sing on car rides with their girlfriends. This song also has the best line in the entire album, “‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”. Boom done. Rating: 10/10

3) Style

This song isn’t too bad. I believe that T.Swift herself said this was her favorite song on the album. It took her the longest to write which I was surprised about considering it had some of the most basic lyrics. The chorus is super catchy that is for sure,. Is this song about Harry Styles though? I feel like it most definitely is. Rating:6.5/10

4) Out Of The Woods

Okay this is the second worst song of the album, I don’t know why she released this as a single. I hate this song. The lyrics just aren’t clever. Tay, you can do better than this, i promise. I have heard you do better than this! Rating: 3/10

5) Shake It Off

If this song hasn’t been drilled into your head by your local radio station, you’re lucky. This is clearly just a fun song liked ’22’ was when it was released. It is just so catchy, but kind of mindless lyrics coming from T.Swift. Sure she is calling out her haters and all of that but it is just a bland song. Rating : 5/10

6) All You Had To Do Was Stay

I think that this would have been much better as a slower song, I could see it being like a ‘Back To December’ and sounding even better. The song isn’t really bad, it isn’t my favorite but I will listen to it. It isn’t a stand out to me but it isn’t Welcome To New York so that is always a step in the right direction. Rating: 6/10

7) I Wish You Would

This is one of my favorites off of ‘1989’. If you’re a true T.Swift fan you know she has always loved to use times of the day. In this specific one she uses 2 a.m. which brings back some serious nostalgia. Remember in ‘Last Kiss’? She makes a serious emphasis on the time it took place. I do wish it was a bit slower though, it would have made the song more powerful. Rating: 8/10

8) Bad Blood

Know why I love this song? It is a song about how much she dislikes Katy Perry. Know who else dislikes Katy Perry? Me. I simply cannot stand her. When I first heard this song it actually reminded me of something Katy Perry would sing, which I don’t think was a mistake on Taylor’s part. She is being sneaky mean and I am actually very into it, whatever. More power to you T! Also the line “band aids don’t fix bullet holes”, that is straight fire. Rating 7.5/10

9) Wildest Dreams

This song has a very Lana Del Rey or Lorde vibe and I absolutely love it. So one of my biggest problems is that Taylor has had this virginal image since she started and I never really believed it. This song sheds that image though, and the lyrics are incredible too. “His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room” well shit Taylor I see what you are putting down. “He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well”, let’s be real girls, we all have an image of a guy we know that we picture hearing that line. This song is the best song on the album, the end. Rating: 10/10

10) How To Get This Girl

I can take this song or leave it, very Disney channel to me. I think that if I was drunk I would love to dance to this song, sadly I am sober, and I am not very into this song. So this song is simply, meh, that is how I feel about it. Meh. Rating: 5/10

11) This Love

So this is probably one of the slowest songs off this album and it isn’t my favorite. I know I need to stop comparing her new music to her old music but it just isn’t that powerful. I think that the background music takes a lot out of it. Her voice is very synthesized as well which makes the lyrics less powerful. The chorus isn’t bad but the verses are literally hard for my to understand. Does that mean I am getting old? Rating: 6/10

12) I Know Places

Now I can understand why Taylor wrote this song. I assume it was written about how all of her relationships are basically ruined by the media. She wants to keep her relationships more secretive. I think I am right. I do like the song though, I hate that she says foxes so much but it is super catchy. I mean she uses the saying “loose lips sink ships”, so I am about that life. Not the worst, not the best, the end. Rating: 7/10

13) Clean

Yes, this song is something that I can really love. This is the this song that I was talking about earlier that I genuinely love. It reminds me of old Taylor Swift, the sound of it, the lyrics, all of it. I think it starts off a bit slow but picks up so I can appreciate that. Solid song to end an album with. Rating: 9/10

So there it is, a song by song review of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album. I guess I need to realize that the T.Swift I grew to love is just a thing of the past, I need to get used to this version of her.

Taylor Swift Previews New Song “Welcome To New York” From New Album 1989

So I have to be honest, this little snippet doesn’t have me very excited for Taylor’s pop debut album that will be coming out next week. Honestly, with the three songs that have been released so far, I am just not a fan. For me I personally love the slow love songs that Taylor would always put together like “White Horse” or “All Too Well”, those ones always got to me. There of course is always hope for this new album but I just don’t see much good coming from it, as sad as that is it is the truth.

I guess that there is a very torn side of me simply because I love Taylor Swift. I think she is a badass role model, she does a lot for charity, and I have simply just liked her since her “Tim Mcgraw” days, she has never done me wrong! These past three songs though, not so good. I am worried that she may have made the jump too quickly instead of easing her long time fans into her new sound.

I am really interested to see how the album turns out.

Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran A Drake Inspired Needlepoint

ImageSo tonight on MTV they will be airing that 9 Days of Ed Sheeran I think it is called. It will all be leading up to release of his sophomore album which will be released on June 23rd. Tonight the special will show Ed in the studio and on stage and everything like that. Just a normal English dude living his life and being famous while doing it.

There will of course be interviews from some of his famous friends like Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams. I can’t lie, I am excited to see what Taylor Swift has to say about him. Last summer I saw them in concert and they absolutely killed it. I do believe that whether you hate or love Ed and Taylor, you are aware of their musical presence.

Anyway, today MTV put out an article about how Taylor made him a Drake inspired needlepoint, and I was immediately interested in what that even meant. We all know that Ed can rap like a fool and Taylor can knit like a gangster so I needed to see it and let me tell you. It didn’t disappoint.

ImageI can just picture Taylor drinking some tea, making that while she sits there and thinks about who she needs to write songs about.

Let’s hope that these two will always remain friends and create music together since they make some incredible songs together. Well one incredible song together, we can only hope that more will come along down the road.

Taylor Swift Visits Fan Shelby Huff For Hours At Children’s Hospital

Say what you want about Taylor Swift but she does a hell of a lot for charity. She always donates to it and speaks about different charities. She was voted most charitable celebrity for a reason. Taylor was visiting this young lady and was only scheduled to be there for one hour, she ended up staying nearly four hours.

The video speaks for itself, check it out.

New Couple Alert? Are Selena Gomez & Austin Mahone dating?


Taylor Swift is all about making love connections — even when they’re not for her! As revealed in the new issue of Us Weekly, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” songstress, 24, opened her little black book for Selena Gomez and plucked out a very well-known name: Austin Mahone

After setting her BFF up with Ed Sheeran last summer, Swift played matchmaker for the “Come and Get It” singer, 21, and the “Say Something” sensation, 17, who opened for her on tour. “They’re seeing each other,” a source tells Us of the Texas-born star and Gomez. 

For now, though, they’re keeping the romance relatively quiet. Leaving the Beats Music concert on Jan. 24, they “sneaked out separately,” a second source shares, “then got in the same car!”

Gomez — whose most high-profile relationship to date was with fellow pop superstar Justin Bieber — recently spoke with Seventeen magazine about what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Having gone through what she called a “really bad breakup” with Bieber, she needed time to figure out what she wants. But now she knows she’s ready. 

“I actually talked to Katy Perry about guys who are intimidated by strong girls,” she said. “I haven’t found someone yet who could understand my lifestyle, support it, love me through it, and not be threatened by it. It’s hard. I do think I might scare some guys, because I’m like, ‘I want to change the world! I have dreams! What do you want to do?’ But I only know how to be me.”

Can you imagine if this is in fact true? What is Bieber going to do that she has moved on to the next biggest thing? Do I think that Austin Mahone will ever hit Bieber status? Honestly, no I don’t but maybe that will give him longevity rather than a short fame lifespan like it did to Bieber who is currently famous for all the wrong reasons.
So there are a couple things I don’t believe about this whole new alleged couple and number one, the source is US Weekly, let’s be honest they are not exactly the most reputable magazine in the world. The second thing is that Selena has already dipped into the kiddie pool for dating once and it didn’t exactly end well. In fact it ended with her laughing about making Bieber cry, to getting back with him, to breaking up, then so on and so forth. Does she really want to go through that again?
Selena Gomez is 21 years old, she shouldn’t date someone who is only 17 years old. No matter how “mature” he is, it is fucking weird. Gomez you have no reason to date someone that much younger than you even if they are a better looking version of your ex-boyfriend!
Also fucking Taylor Swift right? You know that she wants to date Mahone but knows how frowned upon it would be to do so, so instead she puts her best friend with him. If this is true you know she is asking Selena what Mahone is like in bed and everything. Living vicariously through Selena Gomez will be Taylor’s new pass time.

Taylor Swift: Best Dressed At The Grammy Awards


So let us all take a moment to just stop and stare at this beautiful dress that the one and only Taylor Swift wore on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Oh my lord it is incredible! Just look at how perfect it is, especially on her. Now in my humble opinion I think that Taylor should eat a burger or two but you know what, she still looks incredible in this dress.

I know that I jumped to saying this very prematurity simply because I didn’t see all of the other dresses but this is by far my favorite out of the say 20 that I have seen. Pink’s was great but we already went over that one. Taylor just fucking glows in this dress, she looks way better than she did at the Golden Globe Awards.

The only bad thing I have to say about this look is Taylor’s face and I know that sounds really harsh, I know. She just looked tired or something, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe she has been away listening to Selena cry about Justin or maybe she is celebrating because she knows that he will never be her competition ever again? Who knows?! Just get some rest girl so you don’t look so damn tired. Then again getting ready for the show probably took up a few hours so she couldn’t get all that beauty rest.

Although Taylor went home empty handed at least she looked absolutely fabulous doing so, plus I am sure she will cozy up to someone and bring them home as an award. Well probably not but that would be cool right? She needs to get some new material so it might be happening soon!

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Taylor Swift and Lorde party together!


T.Swift has been finishing up her Australian leg of her Red tour and during this time she turned 24. Well it looks like she is now besties with the one and only Lorde. Most people know that Lorde threw shade at Taylor Swift saying she was too perfect or some shit like that. T.Swift clearly wanted to prove to Lorde that she is perfect so she forced Lorde to befriend with her. Now her and Lorde are friends, tadah!

Can you imagine if these two teamed up for a collaboration? That needs to happen RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. We are never ever ever going to be royals, that is probably what it would sound like.

I must say I am a bit offended though, how didn’t I get an invite to this party? I mean I love T.Swift, I love Lorde and that is that! I should have been the first in line when it came to this party. I guess that they knew I have a busy life though, it is cool I will forgive them.

Taylor Swift crushes the AMA carpet


Let’s be real, this is T.Swifts sexiest look ever right? Golden sandal heels, legs for days, messy sex hair, and a short ass dress. This is one of the first times she decided not to wear a fucking prom dress to an award show and she made the right decision. My theory is that she knew that Harry Styles and Kendall would be there so she needed to vamp it up.

Brava T.Swift, you won the competition. With those legs for days, that light make up, and crazy sex hair you won this war.

There is nothing she does better than revenge or apparently fashion.

No name Victoria’s Secret Angel vs Taylor Swift


(E!) Looks like Taylor Swift has some mixed reviews from her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The singer took the stage at the Lexington Armory in NYC on Wednesday, Nov. 13, belting out her hit tunes as a bevy of the VS beauties walked the runway in barely-there attire. And while the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer may have declared herself “Best Friends Forever” with a few of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton and Cara Delevingne, not every supermodel is singing the songbird’s praises. “I think, you know what, god bless her [Taylor Swift] heart. I think she’s great,” Jessica Hart said to Women’s Wear Daily at the show’s afterparty before throwing some shade at the singer. “But, I don’t know, to me, she didn’t fit. I don’t know if I should say that.” Asked whether the seven-time Grammy winner could pull off being a Victoria’s Secret model, the 27-year-old Australian beauty simply replied, “No.”

First of all can we just talk about how this Angel is obviously just looking to get some publicity. Well it worked because now everyone is mad at her. This girl is clearly just pissed that T.Swift absolutely stole the stage that night, sorry models, T.Swift made you all look silly. In all reality she looked like a damn model up there herself, so I am going to stop typing and just let the pictures do the talking.


 According to Huffington Post Jessica Hart’s PR camp just released this statement.

“Jess was taken out of context, in what she was trying to say was that Taylor thought she didn’t fit, not that Jessica thought she didn’t fit,”

If you can’t stand the heat then don’t even speak bad about T.Swift because her loyal band of followers will rip you apart.

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