Is Taylor Swift Coming Out With New Music?

So two days ago, Taylor Swift deleted all of her social media. Well she didn’t delete it all, she simply deleted everything that was on her social media accounts.

This can only mean one thing.

New music is on the way, a new era of Taylor Swift is on the way!

Whether you hate her or love her, you have to respect what Taylor has done as an artist. She has been able to crossover from country to pop effortlessly, every song she puts out is a hit.

We need her to come and put an end to this male dominated music industry at the moment.

Also, we need someone to take down Bieber from the charts because even though some want to deny it, all of his fucking music sounds the same and it’s awful.

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Kim Kardashian Releases Phone Call Between Kanye & Taylor Over ‘Famous’ Lyrics

So Kim has released footage of Kanye and Taylor talking on the phone about that ‘Famous’ lyric, well song that was released not long ago. The one where he said he could still potentially have sex with Taylor, something like that. Kim has gone on and on about it and Taylor’s reps, people, asked the age old question. Why are you so obsessed with me? I mean this couple is very hell bent on trying to ruin Taylor. I mean lately Taylor has annoyed me but I still don’t dislike her.

So let’s be clear, they are obviously talking about his song ‘Famous’, so she was okay with the word ‘bitch’. She was fine with the whole sex thing, she understood that it was a joke. What she wasn’t okay with was being called a bitch. Listen, I get that. Just because Kim doesn’t mind if Kanye calls her a bitch in one of his songs, doesn’t mean everyone else is okay with it.

In the video he never asks her if he can call her a bitch, something that you should ask someone.

Let me start off by saying this, they recorded this conversation knowing that Taylor wouldn’t be happy with the lyrics once it was released, I get that, they wanted proof. You aren’t allowed to record someone without their permission though. So basically what they did was illegal.

Also, they recorded this conversation to try and manipulate the media. Which I can see, but it doesn’t make you more likable.

At the end of the day I don’t think I could ever side with the Kardashians and Kanye West. They did something sneaky and everyone is just excited because they are trying to ruin Taylor.

It ain’t over yet! Taylor Claps Back!

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Taylor Swift To Launch Her Own Mobile Game

According to multiple reports Taylor Swift will be releasing her own mobile app by the end of 2016. There hasn’t been any type of information on what the game will entail but I will most likely end up downloading this game. Let’s be real I have loved Taylor Swift for years and well, she can do no wrong in my opinion. Except for the song ‘Welcome To New York’, she did a bit wrong with that.

The developers Glu Mobile have predicted that Taylor Swift having an app could outsell the Kim Kardashian app by a large number.

Will you be getting the new game?

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Happy 26th Birthday Taylor Swift!

Happy birthday to the legend known as Taylor Swift!

I understand that are many people who aren’t a fan of Taylor Swift, they find her annoying, overbearing, and dislike her music, those are just some of the things I have heard. It is fine if you don’t like her but you have to respect her. Not only is she a megastar she takes time out to see her fans, donate to charity, and be a good role model to women everywhere.

Apparently she is going to be taking a small break from the spotlight this year, which will suck but we will see her at the Grammy’s where hopefully she will take home album of the year!

Check Out The Video For Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘Wildest Dreams’ Featuring Hottie Scott Eastwood

Let me start off by saying this is easily one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs of all time. I haven’t been a big fan of her newer music but this song is incredible.

Now that I got that out, Scott Eastwood is perfection. I mean Taylor is killing it in the brunette wig but Scott Eastwood is straight up perfect. He is one of the hottest dudes out there so good on that casting. I think he may be the hottest guy in any of her videos since the start of her career. Yup! I said it!

Honestly I love the story that this music video tells. They had an onset romance and clearly it didn’t end the way that she wanted it to. All of her music videos so far have been so on point it’s insane. ‘Style’ wasn’t my favorite but damn they are good.

Congrats Tay you’re still the queen.

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Taylor Swift Comforts Fan On Mother’s Day

So over this past weekend it was Mother’s Day which most of you are aware of. Now unfortunately not everyone is able to celebrate this day with their own mother due to them passing away, or a number of other reasons. One of Taylor’s fans reached out to her and Taylor, like always had an incredible response, check it out.



Dear Taylor,
It’s me, iced coffee girl, and I could really use a hug. Today is Mother’s Day, a day most people spend with their mothers thanking them for everything they do. But, for me, I can’t spend this day with my mom because she’s in heaven. Last January, my mom passed away and a piece of my heart left with her. My mom was my best friend, the one I laughed with, the one I cried with, and the one I loved with my whole heart. For a while, I felt empty. But as you’ve done many times before, you filled that hole. You took me out of my sad place and made me happy. And because of you, I got through something that was the hardest thing in the world for me. Today’s going to be another hard day, but I know with you on my side I can get through anything. I love you. Always, Kaileen


Kaileen- I love you so much and can’t imagine what you must be feeling today. You’ve lived through my worst fear. I’m so sorry you can’t spend today with her. It’s not fair, and there’s no reason why you should feel okay about it. No one should ever expect you to feel normal today. I admire and respect your ability to put forth such a sunny, sweet disposition when you’ve been through something so dark and tragic so recently. I never would’ve guessed by your attitude or your posts. I never would’ve known if you hadn’t told me. Sending you a huge hug today.
Gonna go get iced coffee and cheers to you. 🙂

So if you have kept up with my blog at all you know that I am a T.Swift fan, I fucking love her. I think that she is absolutely incredible and this is just another reason why I love her. She reaches out to her fans and actually gives a fuck. She at least acts like she gives a fuck, maybe that is the better way to put it. A lot of people say that some of her replies are from her publicist or PR person but whatever! She is clearly aware of these things that are happening and she wanted to respond to them!

Taylor you keep doing you and this is why your fans stay your fans. I promise you that if you are famous and you reach out to your fans, they will be your fans for life.

T.Swift you keep doing you girl, and I will keep buying your albums and concert tickets. Deal? Deal.

Are Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Really Dating?


So just the other night Taylor and Calvin were spotted out at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville. According to eye witnesses they were dancing together, Taylor was sitting on Calvin’s lap, and she even kissed him through out the night. Now this concert happened after they were spotted dressed like twins at a Whole Foods Market in Nashville.

TMZ has a video of them holding hands as they left the concert together too. Now, I have a feeling this is nothing more than PR stunt for a few different reasons. Number one, Calvin Harris is a major douche. He is a major douche who makes a ton of money, but he is still just that. I mean, I hate him for what he did to Rita Ora. Remember they broke up? Then he wouldn’t let her sing their song that they recorded together because he was a bitter ex-boyfriend about it. Number two, hasn’t Taylor been doing that whole she loves being single, girl power thing for a while now? I don’t think that she would just change her mind right away because of Harris.

Anyway, I think that this is just another publicity stunt. Her best friend is so called dating a DJ, so know what would look good? If Taylor Swift dated one of the biggest DJs in the world.These two could totally be banging, I mean Harris is hot, but I do believe this is some well though out PR dating.

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Taylor Swift Won’t Talk About Katy Perry!

Taylor’s response when asked about Katy in a recent interview:

“I’m not giving them anything to write about. I’m not walking up the street with boys, I’m not stumbling out of clubs drunk. But I’m never going to talk about her in my interview. It’s not going to happen.”

Did you read that, guys? That’s what class sounds like. That’s why Taylor is at the top of her game right now, and that’s why, again, she’s the absolute greatest. Oh, and also this:

“[In five years] I’ll probably still be single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you, want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!’ I don’t know what’s going to happen if I’m ever content in a relationship – no idea how that’s going to work. I don’t even know if that’s possible with the life I have. ‘In five years’ time she’ll be so afraid of everything, she doesn’t leave her house. She’s just surrounded by cats. So many cats, they’ve divided themselves up into armies and she wanders around lint-rolling the couch that no one’s going to sit on because she’s afraid to have people over…'”

Read more:

So I guess let’s make one thing clear, don’t ask Taylor Swift about Katy Perry because she simply won’t answer your question. Good for her though. I love that she does throw a little shade talking about walking up the streets with boys. You know because Katy Perry has been linked to quite a few boys over the years.

Taylor has always been my girl and I like her answer, she doesn’t want to give people stuff to write about, anymore at least. When she was first getting popular, well super popular she was spotted with a bunch of different guys from Chord Overstreet to Jake Gyllenhaal. Really interesting how she stopped all of that nonsense though because she did get a bit of a bad rap for it.

I am glad that she is aware of her future though. Cat ladies for life!

Taylor Swift’s Twitter & Instagram Got Hacked Today!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.27.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.23.37 PM

(Source)Taylor Swift had her Twitter account hacked on Tuesday by two individuals, with one hacker claiming he would release “nudes” of the singer.  One hacker, who went by Twitter handle “@veriuser,” tweeted out to Swift’s 51.4 million Twitter followers, “Shoutout @veriuser follow him guys’ Fav when done for a follow… Love you all!!!” But that wasn’t all. See the hacked tweet below. The hacker then sent out another tweet that read, “go follow my boy @lizzard :) ” That person, who goes by the Twitter handle “@lizzard,” claims on his Twitter account to be the leader of the “Lizard Squad,” and mentions in his bio the hacker groups “Anonymous” and “LulzSec.” He first tweeted humorously, “Yes, I’m currently dating @taylorswift13.” But then he tweeted out more ominously that he had naked pictures of Swift and would send them out if he reached a certain goal in Bitcoins. Along with a link to Bitcoin account, @Lizzard tweeted, “Will post taylor swift’s nudes when this btc wallet hits 3btc.”

Hackers are the absolute worst, they are always claiming they have nudes. Like really hackers? I am pretty sure that if Taylor Swift had nudes out there in the cyberworld, it would have been released by now. Remember when Nudegate happened? Remember when Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Olivia Munn had all of those alleged nudes leaked? I guarantee that Taylor’s would have been the first to be leaked.

I must admit I am kind of pissed I didn’t see all of this shit go down in live time. I have been snowed in so obviously I have been looking through social media like some kind of crackhead getting their fix, and I missed this! I follow my girl on Twitter and Instagram, so what the hell?! Apparently Hayley Williams texted Taylor about the whole ordeal and that is how she found out.

I must say Taylor had one of the best responses to these hackers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.52.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.52.37 PM

Taylor just shake it off, shake it off!