Wait, People Think Ryan Lochte Is Telling The Truth?

Know when I knew that Ryan Lochte was lying? The second this story came out. Let’s be real here, Ryan started off by telling his mother about the incident, which lead to his mother tweeting about it, which lead to pure chaos in Brazil.

When Ryan was then asked about the issue he said that when a gun was put to his head, he simply replied “Whatever’, and gave his money to the alleged thieves, who were also allegedly dressed as police officers. I mean really? I understand Ryan Lochte has probably inhaled an insane amount of chlorine but saying “Whatever” with a gun against your head? Yeah, something doesn’t sit right with me there.

Ryan’s teammates that were with him all backed up his story, yup, they were all robbed but they all had different angles of the story. Some said there were three people, others said there was only one person, it was kind of all over the place.

So Rio police did some digging and apparently the group of guys were caught on camera in a fight at a gas station. So, I mean there are a lot of holes in this story.

Ryan went on television and said that he was standing by his story, but at this point, does anyone believe him? I read somewhere that people were saying that Ryan is a kid, and got caught up in a story. Ryan is 32 fucking years old, he is a grown ass man.

Personally, I think he should be held responsible for lying and causing a bit of panic for other Olympians and for Rio. I understand that apparently the government and police at corrupt in Rio (according to reports), but they really seemed to put effort and time into figuring out what exactly went down.

I guess the question is, what happens next? Obviously it is Rio vs America, Ryan Lochte is an overrated Olympian who once had a reality show, wore grills, and trademarked the term JEAH, so there’s that. Everyone is saying that this is a national embarrassment, let’s be real the fact all of those things I previously listed even happened is a national embarrassment.

It will be extremely interesting to see how all of this unfolds.

If it does turn out to be a lie (which it looks like it is unfolding to be a big lie), he should have to pay the consequences, whatever those consequences may be.


It is being reported everywhere that Ryan Lochte made up the story to cover up some sort of vandalism that went down at a gas station. Apparently someone kicked the door knob off of a door, the security guard made them pay, Ryan’s teammates are throwing him right under the bus. Let’s hope there is some kind of consequence for making up such a story.

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Man Crush Monday: Michael Phelps

Man Crush Monday this week goes to Mr.Olympics himself, Michael Phelps. If you weren’t aware Michael just announced that he was retiring from swimming after he picked up his 23rd medal, that’s right, Michael Phelps has more medals than most countries, how insane is that?

Phelps is one of my favorite Olympians because even though he was caught smoking a bong, even though he has went to rehab for drinking, he has been able to overcome it. Obviously the attention got to him but he was able to become the golden boy of swimming again.

In four years it will be weird to not see Phelps diving into the pool, but just in case you forgot, he said back in 2012 that he was going to retire, obviously that wasn’t true. So maybe if the price is right he will be back!

Congrats to Phelps on being the most decorated Olympian of all time, for being a new father, and for being engaged to Miss. California. I am sure that every four years we will see you now hosting some Olympics show or something like that.

Happy Monday!

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Michael Phelps Gets Charges With DUI

Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI, Says He's 'Deeply Sorry'

Last night well early morning Michael Phelps was pulled over in Baltimore for going 85 in a 45 and for crossing over the double lines in the road. Is anyone really surprised by this though? Michael Phelps is basically an Olympic hero since he won a ton of medals and broke records, but what can he do now? I don’t believe he will be swimming in the next summer Olympics, his career is super over.

Of course Phelps is going to be drinking like crazy now, what else does he have? He will probably end up doing commentary at the next Olympics but he wont be swimming and living his life in the water! He will just be there talking about how some people had taken his spot in the swimming lanes.

Phelps, I understand why you are drinking heavily but don’t drive!