Nick Jonas Hangs Out With Molly Shannon

I don’t think that I have ever been more jealous of one single photo. Listen, Nick Jonas is easily one of the hottest guys out there right now. I mean seriously, he is at Sundance Film Festival to promote a movie and is about to go on tour with Demi. There are also rumors that he is coming would another album soon. He clearly has a lot going on for him but I am not jealous of Molly Shannon in this picture.

I am jealous of Nick. He is standing next to a living legend. Molly Shannon is by far one of my favorite female comics of all time. From her movies to her SNL skits, Molly is a legend.

I had to post this simply because Molly is one of my favorite people of all time and she is hanging out with one of my favorite looking men of all time. That is all.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Rihanna Can’t Keep Her Clothes On


If you follow Rihanna on Twitter or Instagram you will realize how much this woman hates clothing! She thinks clothes are lame and she feels as though being naked is no big deal. Truthfully being naked is beautiful, being comfortable in your own skin is incredible but in American it is frowned upon. Good thing Rihanna is living it up in Brazil! Naked for days! She doesn’t give two fucks who sees it either, just celebrating her killer body.

Brazil seems to be the spot where celebrities get real wild though right? Bieber and his orgies, Rihanna and having no clothing. I need to go to Brazil!

Rihanna is starting to become that famous person who doesn’t even need to sing to stay relevant. I mean she hasn’t come out with a new album in a while and her last album in my humble opinion sucked. Maybe she is just trying to absorb any kind of inspiration through every pore in her body, so she needs to be naked? Yeah. I will go with that.

Anyway here are some more nearly naked pictures to celebrate Rihanna’s banging body.

ImageTruthfully though if I had a body like that and a cool Caribbean accent I would never wear clothing, ever!