Liam Payne Is In The Studio With Pharrell Williams

It looks like we are getting closer and closer to hearing solo music from Liam Payne! This is something that I am very excited for. Considering he has a mega-producer like Pharrell on his side, he will sounds absolutely amazing. Pharrell did have a big part with putting together Justin Timberlake‘s solo career, let’s put it that way. Need I say anything more?

Should be a big year for One Direction fans, Niall Horan is already starting his solo career with his hit song “This Town”, Harry Styles will be in his first feature film, Louis Tomlinson  is being a dad and stuff. Big years for the boys!

I think it is pretty clear that this group is over, just stay strong Directioners. You can do it!

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Austin Mahone & Justin Bieber Hit Up The Studio Together


Yesterday a picture was posted of both Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone in the studio together where they were supposidly making a collaboration. Well, now it looks like two groups of fans can finally come to peace with each other. The Beliebers and Mahomies, stop the war! They are apparently friends now, just stop the fighting!

A lot of people probably see this as a way for Austin to use Bieber’s fame and get some more recognition. Not me! I don’t think that. I think that Bieber is trying to get back some of his whole some image so he decided to hit up Austin for a duet. Bieber wants to be a rapper named Bizzle but we all know that will never happen, so he needs to win back tweens. How can he do that? AUSTIN MAHONE!

Sorry Bieber your time is up, I really think that it is time to step back and let Austin Mahone take over. He has it all and you have two half sleeves of stupid tattoos.

I will say this to Austin, be careful being friends with him, Taylor did let you open up on her tour and she does hate the Biebs. Pick carefully.