Mack Wilds Drops New LP “AfterHours”

Mack Wilds is coming in hot with this new project that he has put together. It is absolutely incredible if you ask me.

In case Mack looks familiar it’s because he was on the ‘90210’ reboot a few years back, and he was also in Adele’s “Hello” music video.

There is so much more to him than that though. On this latest LP he proves that he can sing perfect melodies, but he can also rap. This artist is so versatile it’s only a matter of time until he takes over airwaves everywhere.

He also has features from Wale, Cam Wallace, and Tink on the project.

So listen to it below and be prepared to become obsessed with it!

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Stream Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘JOANNE’ Now!


Lady Gaga‘s much anticipated new album’JOANNE’ has officially been released and you can stream it as well! Her new album is actually very good, it’s different, but it’s good. If you didn’t like “Perfect Illusion” that’s fine, there are a lot of other quality songs on the album!

Let’s be real, Gaga has one of the best voices out there and she does a great job reminding us of that on this album.

Stream it before you buy it!

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