Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage During Oslo Performance

Justin Bieber lost it Thursday, pitching a fit during his performance and storming offstage.

It went down in Oslo during a TV performance. One of his fans spilled something on the stage and Justin tried mopping it up but someone blocked him, and that was it.

It’s the second meltdown in 24 hours. On Wednesday, he walked off a radio show.

Bieber just posted a statement, saying he’s had a rough week with no sleep, adding, “I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting beer at responding not reacting.”

As for “beer,” we think he meant “better.”

The Oslo fans haven’t given up … they’re still at the TV studio, serenading him with “Baby.” (credit)

I was wondering how long this Bieber good boy act would happen. I mean he has been on an apology tour for about a year, now he is releasing his first album in two years I believe, maybe three, so he wants everyone to still think of him as a nice, caring, but misunderstood person. He is just a boy growing up. I call bullshit. Bieber you are 21 now, time to grow up a little bit.

I want to say that Bieber was probably aware that if he wanted to go to the very edge of a stage when the Beliebers are nuts, he probably knew that people would try and grab him. If he really wanted it cleaned up, he should have sent someone else to do the job.

Look at his half ass apology too. Earlier in the week he hinted that he was the new Justin Timberlake, and let me just say one thing. Justin Timberlake would never walk off stage. Justin Bieber you have nothing on Timberlake, you have half the talent and zero class.

I feel bad for the fans that paid to see Bieber and he decided to storm off the stage.

To the people saying that these girls should have listened, shut up. These girls were so close to their idol of course they are going to reach up and grab at him. It is something he should be used to by now.

Bieber, this was very unprofessional.

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