Steve Harvey Crowned The Wrong Miss Universe

There are few things worse than looking like a complete ass on national television, actually no there isn’t. Especially not now with the internet and every inch of social media can make fun of you. Steve Harvey, you really messed up last night. Truthfully I didn’t even know that people still watched Miss Universe but apparently they do, and you really messed up.

If you weren’t aware last night Steve crowned Miss Colombia as Miss Universe. She sgot the crown, started to walk around with her flag, waving it all proud and everything. She was very proud of her win, then they announced that there was a mistake, a big mistake. Miss Colombia was actually supposed to be first runner up.  Miss Philippines was actually the big winner of the night.

Steve went on Twitter to formally apologize for his mistake.

"I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians

I would like to point out that he misspelled Colombia and Philippines, so that is good.

Also to the people who say that we should forgive Steve Harvey for his mistake. No. He gets paid so much money to not mess up the name of the winner. That is his main job.  He deserves all of the shit that is happening, that is all that I can say.

It was truly a moment that made me almost wince. These women spend their whole lives trying to be Miss Universe and Steve Harvery gave then took it away to the Sofia Vergara look alike.

There are some people who are saying this was all meant to happen to make people most interested in that pagaent but I do not believe that for a second.

Watch the video below if you want to feel uncomfortable.