Will Smith Raps ‘Summertime’ On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

So I may be a few days late on this one but forgive me. I just saw it and I thought it was important to post because ‘Summertime’ is absolutely one of the best songs to listen to while you are driving with your windows down during the summer.

Will Smith is one of my favorite people on earth, it’s his children I can’t stand, but Will? Will is great.

I hope that he goes back on tour, there was a rumor of that happening but I am not sure if it ever will. If it does, I will be there.

The best part of it? He decided to do it during commercial break, that wasn’t even a part of the show!

Will Smith, just being the coolest guy in the world.

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The Cast Of “Downtown Abbey” Does A Scene With American Accents

Now I have never watched an episode of “Downtown Abbey” but I do know that everyone loves it. I also know that whenever people with English accents are on the spot to do an American accent they do Alicia Silverstone’s voice from “Clueless” it is their go to.

I loved this, I always love it whenever people do different accents. This is hilarious, thank you Stephen Colbert for making this happen!