Steph Curry & Ayesha Curry Walk The 2017 ESPYS Red Carpet Together

The first couple of the NBA looked absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet at the ESPYS. This couple always documents their love on social media and whatever red carpet that they can to remind the world how in love they are.

These two should annoy me but they just don’t, Steph and Ayesha are just a beautiful couple.

All I can say is that they are probably the best looking couple on the red carpet, that’s all I can say.

Keep on slaying.


Steph Curry Looks Jacked In Hawaii

So I always thought that Steph Curry was kind of scrawny, well I was wrong.

There’s really no much more I can say other than sorry I thought you were just skinny because damn I was clearly wrong.

Steph Curry is one of my favorite athletes for the fact that he doesn’t try to be a super macho dude. He sings ‘Frozen’ songs, he openly talks about loving his wife, and is so adorable with his daughters.

I wouldn’t mind sitting on a beach while Steph handed me beers. I would continue but I feel like his wife would somehow find me and beat me up.

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