Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension Overturned By Judge!

Well it looks like Tom Brady is officially a free man and will be allowed to play the season opener coming up in just over a week! How awesome is that? I mean it is awesome because I am a Patriots fan. I feel bad for all you other teams out there because this is going to be big. You won’t like Tom Brady very much when he is angry.

A lot of people are continuing to go on rants calling the Patriot cheaters and all of that stuff. At the end of the day you can’t go to jail for almost going something. Have you not learned anything from Law and Order?! You have to be found guilty, whether you did it or not, you have to be found guilty by a jury, or the judge involved. Tom Brady was not found guilty because the NFL and Roger Goodell are a hot ass mess!

They had no solid proof other than the fact that Tom Brady got rid of his cell phone. To be honest if I was married to a super model and probably had some nudes on my phone, I would destroy the shit out of that.

The NFL is going to appeal the judges ruling because let’s be real, they have dug themselves into a deep hole. They put so much effort into something that has always been a nonissue, to make thing an issue.

Hey Goodell how about you focus on all the domestic violence that occurs in the league, or drug use, or the fact players put hits out on other players. That would be worth your time. Have a safer sport and that’s that.

Patriots nation!! actually had a really good article that helped dumb down everything! Check it out for all the facts!

Patriots May Have Lost but Tom Brady Won!


So last night most people are aware that the Denver Broncos straight up beat the New England Patriots, it was a Manning verse Brady big game and Manning won. Manning only won the game though because this is how Brady looked when he rolled up to the game. Style and class are the two words that come to my mind. Peyton Manning may be the better quarter back but what does he have to show for it? One ring and he owns about a dozen Papa John’s? Yeah, right, real winner right there.

Tom Brady is easily the best looking athlete in the world, well that is if David Beckham is no longer playing soccer. I mean no one beats David Beckham, so Brady is probably in the top 5 best looking athletes of all time.

I just think that in their every day lives Brady wins over Manning every single time. Brady is married to the highest paying super model of all time, he has not one but two baby momma’s (balling), he dresses however the fuck he wants and doesn’t care about it.

Tom Brady wins at life, sorry that the Patriots lost but Tom Brady is always a winner.

Also this is why I don’t write about sports, simply because I choose who I like on the way that they are dressed and such.

The Brady Bunch is Better Looking Than You


There comes a time when a family comes into the picture that gives you hope. You seem them trecking through a foot of snow and they are just having fun! They are all holding hands, or sharing a purse. Well in this case, it is the Brady family. Do you remember when Giselle and Tom first got together? How everyone was mad because his ex-girlfriend was giving birth while Brady and Buchen got married? Well it wasn’t exactly like that but they weren’t far apart. Anyway, everyone said that they would never make it! Now look at them!

Looking at this picture also makes me kind of sick. I look and think, I will never be a billionaire supermodel with a hot football husband and a gorgeous kid. Nope. I will also never look that good walking through snow and you want to know why? Fuck snow, that is why. I will never look so happy to be walking through snow as Giselle is. There was a fucking foot of snow in Boston over the weekend, ain’t no thang for the Brady clan though.

There is a part of me that wonders if there is a big language barrier and it makes me laugh. Can you imagine Tom Brady in Brazil trying to communicate with them? He is like the all American boy, so California it hurts.

Anyway, appreciate this family and dream that one day you might be them…but you won’t be, so you can cry now.

Lamar Odom: From Crack to the Clippers


The chronicles of of Lamar Odom’s wild summer has been well documented by celebrity websites all over the interweb. TMZ has gotten ever angle of it while Perez Hilton also wrote about Odom’s newest habits. Odom had basically been on a steady downfall since about July and is slowly starting to make his way back uphill. Apparently Odom has a strong chance of signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, which is a success story to everyone right? From crackhead to the Clippers, what a Cinderella story for the ages! Truth be told he was the only one I ever liked on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He seemed to be the most normal and after a serious drug problem you know he was the most normal. Hell I would be doing drugs if Kris Jenner was my mother in law too. Anyway, I do hope that Odom can get himself cleaned up and go back to basketball. Just remember kids, crack is whack.