Let’s Talk About That Grey’s Anatomy Shocker

Let me start by saying this, there will be spoilers! One thing I hate is when people watch a show on Netflix, that is still on television then get mad when shit get spoiled. I don’t feel bad for you. People have been watching this show consistently for the past ten years and guess what. They are mad!

On that note, SPOILERS are ahead.

Shonda Rhimes is the reason that I have trust issues. I believe that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is the reason I have never been able to watch any of her other shows. I know what will happen. I will get attached to a character and she will just go and kill them off. Now, I never cared when they killed off George or Izzy, I liked them but I was also kind of over their storyline. Now when they killed Lexie off, I cried my eyes out. Lexie was one of my favorites, then to kill Mark right after that? Listen Shonda you mastermind of emotions, lay off! I also know that the actors probably wanted to leave, but whatever. I blame Shonda for her incredible writing, and the fact she can pull on heart strings.

With that opening let’s talk about losing one of Seattle’s best neurosurgeons. Derek Shepard. I will say that this was one of the worst episode I have ever seen on Grey’s , and I am including the musical episode on that one. How dare they write off Derek in that short of an episode? How dare they give basically a mid-season episode to THE Derek Shepard. The guy in the bar who fell in love with the girl in the bar.

The way that this was presented was one of the worst ways that Grey’s could have possibly killed off the beloved doctor. This was for shock value. This episode was to get ratings. That simple.

Meredith deserved to be able to say goodbye to Derek in a more intimate way. Know who else deserved it? Zola and little baby Bailey deserved it too. Derek was a family man, maybe not this season, but he was. It would have been incredible to have seen his children there to say goodbye to their father one last time. Meredith just lost the love of her life, and they had her be so cold. Now, I get it. Meredith was closing herself off the way that she does, but is a break down scene too much to ask for? Ellen Pompeo knows how to get into that emotional place, it would have been nice to see that.

This show isn’t the beautiful show that it once was. Yes, it has its moments. There are times where the tragedy is just so beautiful that it tugs on your heartstrings in all the right places but there was no need to have this happen. Even if Patrick Dempsey wanted to leave his character deserved a better exit.

I think it is time for Grey’s to say goodbye. One more season and then it is time to shut the doors on Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. If the writers no longer care of actual goodbyes of major characters, they should simply shut it down.

Just a small after thought, do they really think this fandom will accept a new love interest for Meredith? If they do, they are wrong. She needs to go and live with Yang, and go be happy with her soulmate.