Chance The Rapper Drops Surprise Song “Big B’s” – Listen Here!

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Earlier this week Chance the Rapper promised to save the music platform Soundcloud.

After hearing rumors that the site would be shutting down, Chance took to Twitter to talk to the owner of Soundcloud and everything was settled. The site isn’t shutting down which Chance explained on Twitter.

In reality Soundcloud is a great site that helps artists promote their music and so many artists use it. I am surprised it was even almost shut down.

Check out the song below!

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JoJo Drops New Track “Wonder Woman” – Listen Here!

Dear everyone, JoJo is coming for blood, you’ve been warned.

Clearly JoJo is back and everyone should be worried because at the end of the day, she could out sing your fav. Fight me on it, I dare you.

Anyone, her album Mad Love came out back in October and homegirl has been busy touring ever since. The album is actually amazing, go and listen to it right now.

Today JoJo took to Soundcloud and dropped a new song “Wonder Woman”, a soulful song that I will be listening to on repeat.

If JoJo could just release new songs every day, that would be great for me.

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Wiz Khalifa Releases “Closer” Remix

Wiz Khalifa is out there killing it with those remixes right now. He put out one to the “Stranger Things” soundtrack not long ago and now he is jumping on a track that is already a certified hit.

We can all agree that “Closer” has been a huge song but Wiz just added his own flavor to it and I can definitely get behind it.

I love Wiz’s style and although he basically only raps about weed, I don’t care. His flow is amazing and all of his music is pretty fun.

This definitely sounds like his older music, so maybe he will be bringing that sound back!

Do you love it or hate it? Let me know!

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Listen To Wiz Khalifa’s Rap Over The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Song


Stranger Things‘ is so hot right now. The cast basically took over the Emmys, they have been doing their rounds on late night, it’s like everywhere you turn you see them! I am not complaining though, I am somehow not sick of them yet.

Obviously Wiz Khalifa noticed the nation’s obsession and decided to put out a song over the theme song to ‘Stranger Things’. That is a smart move if you ask me. The song is really good too.

Check it out!


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Listen To Ansel Elgort’s New Single ‘Home Alone’!

So fun fact, Ansel Elgort can do it all. No really, he can. He can sing, act, dance, and produce his own music. I mean that’s talent if you ask me. His latest track ‘Home Alone’ just proves that he is a serious talent, that we should all acknowledge.

So when is he going to release an EP? Hopefully soon. I am into his sound and I can’t wait to hear more!

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Iggy Azalea Just Dropped ‘AZILLION’ For Free

Okay Iggy, I see you. You are very smart with this track because it is more of a dance track than a rap track. It is basically the way Bieber did it. Come out with a fun dance track before you drop the rest of your new music, smart move.

Do I love this song? No, I don’t hate it either though. I can see myself being slightly drunk bobbing to this song. Like I said before I can see why she put it out. She also released it for free, most likely to see how the public reacts to it before she puts all of her music out there for people to buy. Another smart move for Iggy.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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The Weeknd Releases Two New Tracks As A Christmas Gift For Fans!

Let’s be real, can The Weeknd do any wrong right now? In my opinion he is probably one of the biggest artists of the year. His songs are all over the charts, he sings about cocaine and hookers, but no one cares! People just love his sounds, I can’t fault them for that either. I am obsessed with his sound!

Luckily for us The Weeknd shows that he had no ideas when it comes to slowing down. On Christmas he released two new songs, one featuring Future and the other with Jeremih and both are incredible. I swear anything this guy touches becomes a hit, we will absolutely be seeing him for a long time.

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JoJo Drops Surprise Free EP #LOVJO2

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JoJo is back in a big way and I am beyond excited. I mean she dropped three songs a few months back and she recently released a free EP because she is incredible! Truthfully I have been ready for this musical comeback for a few years now. At age 12 JoJo had power vocals and they have only got better in time, that is the truth.

2016 is going to be JoJo’s year,  I know it! She is fucking incredible and now that she is out of the contact from hell she can come back to music and grace us all with her incredible vocals.

Sit down everyone class is in session and JoJo is about to teach you a thing or two!

On another note, she uses the best samples, right? Go listen to High Road and all of those samples, it was perfect.

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Austin Mahone Releases #ThisIsNotTheAlbum On Soundcloud

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Guys Austin Mahone is back and I am so excited. I have always been a fan of Mahone, since he was like 15, don’t you dare judge me! Austin hasn’t released anything in about a year so this is a big deal. Truth is that I think Austin has what it takes to really make a name for himself in a bigger demographic than young women. He has a great voice and sound, much better than Bieber, I just hope that people can give him the credit that he deserves.

His new more R&B sound is exactly what his voice is suited for. His pop songs were very generic but these songs actually have some depth and are really well produced.

Check it out because he deserves recognition for casually dropping a mixtape on a Thursday afternoon!

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Drake & Beyonce Debut Full Version Of “I Can”

I am not really sure how I feel about this song just yet, but with both Drake and Beyonce on the track you know it is going to be a hit. I mean how can it not be? Drake is fucking incredible and even though I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce’s new music, she is a legend.

I am a bit bummed out that Beyonce didn’t have a full verse. I think that if she was to sing it out on this track it would have been even better.

It does have a nice sound to it, I think it is just a little boring, but I am sure that it will grow on me.

I will stay clear on my stance though, Beyonce should have had a full verse instead of repeating like 6 words over and over again.

Click here and tell me what you think!

Just a random thought but I love all the free music Drake has been releasing lately. Considering I am up to eyeballs in student loans anything free, especially good music, is the greatest thing ever.