Sony Offered To ‘Free’ Kesha From Her Contract If….

Sony music, you really need to get it together. It is absolutely disgusting that they are offering to let Kesha go, as long as she was to apologize to their biggest producers. Their producer that has allegedly raped and emotionally tormented Kesha for years now.

Know what the worst part of this whole thing is? Other than the fact Sony music is disgusting. They basically want Kesha to backtrack everything that she has said in order to make them look better. Sony is aware how awful they look with this case, they aren’t stupid, they know that this isn’t a smart business move for them.

Say if for some reason Kesha decided to go along with this plan, it would be very clear that no one would want to sign her or buy her music, or anything. The people who love to victim blame would get a hard on about the whole situation, and Kesha would lose everything that she has worked on for years.

I still stand with Kesha, and I hope soon enough she is free from the disgusting company of Sony, and I hope that Sony doesn’t think they will be getting away unscathed. None of this is a good look for their company.

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Dr. Luke Denies That Sony Music Is Dropping Him

So yesterday there was a rumor that Sony dropped Dr. Luke after he allegedly sexually assaulted Kesha and stars like Lady Gaga, Adele, and Kelly Clarkson have come to the defense of the singer. It looks like that was simply a rumor though, so I apologize for writing about it. Usually I try and make sure that stories are accurate but I guess I thought too highly of Sony music.

Dr. Luke’s attorney had this to say.

An attorney for Dr. Luke has issued a statement refuting reports that Sony has fired the producer.

“This is not true,” the lawyer tells Rolling Stone. “Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony and this has never come up.”

A spokesperson for Sony declined to comment on the statement. (credit)

So here I am apologizing because I genuinely thought that in the end, Sony would do what is right. So many singers have come out with claims about being blackmailed by Dr. Luke considering how controlling he is. Truthfully I am not sure why they are holding onto him. I understand that people are innocent until proven guilty but I would think that they would put the safety of their artists ahead of the power of their producers.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the abused are usually questioned while the abuser walks free. Dr. Luke is still making money, he is still doing a job that he loves. Kesha? Kesha is forced to work in an environment where she doesn’t feel safe. She is locked in a contract where she can’t even preform live without Sony or Dr. Luke making money off of it. As a woman it is terrifying to me that if I was in this situation people would be questioning me rather than the person that physically and emotionally abused me.

Looks like we are back to square one on this. I have an idea, boycott Sony music.

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