Man Crush Monday: Charlie Hunnam

So this weeks Man Crush Monday goes out to none other than the hottie that is Charlie Hunnam! I have been meaning to put him as my man crush for a few weeks but kept on forgetting. Now I finally remembered and I am so happy that I finally did! Look at this beautiful man. Those blue eyes, that gorgeous jawline, really just his face in general is pretty perfect, am I right?

Me personally, I have never really got into the whole ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ thing because of the violence but I know that Jax is a major badass. He is someone who will kill anyone, then go home and hug his kids, that’s cute right? How bummed are you that Charlie isn’t going to be in Fifty Shades though? I am pretty sure everyone cried a bit when they found that out.

Anyway, I hope to see his beautiful face for many years to come, and maybe he can actually speak with his actual English accent since I am a huge fan of accents.

Plus don’t you love a man who can look gorgeous shirtless , roughed up, or in a suit? Charlie has all of that covered.

Hope this is a great start to your week!!!

Charlie Hunnam Covers Men’s Health UK Magazine December Issue!

Yes, that is all I can say about this cover. Charlie Hunnam has been on my radar since back in the day when he did the show ‘Undeclared’ way back in the day. He played an English student studying abroad and well, he was perfect then, still perfect now. I will admit I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy simply because of the violence. I don’t do well with blood and all of that nonsense. So instead I just watch from afar as he walks red carpets, by afar I mean through a computer screen. Not stalking you Charlie, I promise.

I must say I wish he was Mr.Grey because let’s be real, seeing his bare ass on a big screen wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. In fact it could potentially be one of the best things to ever happen.

Enough with all this talking though, let’s enjoy some pictures from this photoshoot!

I do have one question, where are those shirtless pictures at?! No but really, where are they?