Listen To Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Cover “Mad World”

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Can we all agree that all the women of Fifth Harmony are insanely talented. I know that one has already jumped ship but all the women can seriously sing. No matter what happens with the band I am pretty sure that all of them will find their own success as solo artists.

The other day Ally tweeted out a video of herself covering the hit song “Mad World” which was originally sang by Tears for Fears then later covered by Gary Jules for the movie ‘Donnie Darko’.

Ally’s voice is truly hauntingly beautiful in this rendition and I can’t wait to hear more solo stuff from her.

Check out the video below!


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Watch Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki Perform “Just Hold On” On X-Factor

All that I can say is wow. Louis definitely did an incredible job on this performance, especially with what is going on in his personal life. In case you didn’t know, Louis’ mother passed away at 43 after battle leukemia.

Louis could have canceled his performance, if he did everyone would have understood but he decided to perform and to dedicate this performance to his mother. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.

The song is already blowing up on ITunes and will probably be on the dance charts for a long time to come. It is definitely catchy and Louis sounds great on it!

Check out the video below and wait until the very end where Simon gives a small speech to Louis.

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Louis Tomlinson Will Perform Solo Song “Just Hold On” On X-Factor In Honor Of His Mother

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia earlier this year, Louis‘ mother, Johannah, unfortunately passed away at age 42. A ton of celebrities have reached out to send love to the singer and his family, which I am sure that Louis appreciates.

With this news comes some bitter sweet news for Louis, I am sure.

He is performing his first solo song tomorrow night on X-Factor, on the stage where it all began, where his mother was rooting for him to get past the first round. She must have been so proud that day, and continued to be proud at the career that he has put together for himself.

Although there were rumors of rescheduling, Louis and X-Factor put out this statement.

“Louis will go ahead with his debut solo performance at the X Factor final tomorrow night in tribute to his late mother. The performance was long-planned and it was one of Johannah’s dying wishes for Louis to take the stage. As a result, he will go ahead with what she wanted.”

The song is pretty catchy and word on the street is that Louis wants to focus more on creating more dance music, which makes sense why he would team up with Steve Aoki.

Check it out below. Sending good vibes Louis’ way for his performance and healing after losing his mother.

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Niall Horan Announces Short Break To Focus On His Album

The past few months have been crazy for sweet baby angel Niall Horan and it looks like he is starting to feel the pressure. Niall is following his dreams of being a solo artist, obviously his first single “This Town” has been a huge hit, and he wants to write the best solo album possible.

Today Niall took to Twitter and posted to long hand written notes about the break he is about to take. Well break from social media and all of that. He had to go and promote for a while, now he is ready to take a step back and finish his album.

Check out the notes below

Number one, great handwriting. I mean seriously, Niall has better handwriting than I do. Number two, I am very ready for this solo album. I want to say take all the time you need but in reality, we want it sooner rather than later.

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Harry Styles Is Reportedly Working With Superstar Pop Producer Max Martin& Bruno Mars

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Bret Hartman/CBS

Watch out world because solo Harry Styles is going to be something out of this world. I know that everyone fell over when Niall came out with his first solo song (I know I did) and women threw themselves at Zayn  when his solo record came out. Harry Styles though? He is about to come out with next level stuff.

Alright, well it hasn’t been confirmed but Robbie Williams was on a talk show and spilled the beans that Harry has been working with Max Martin and Bruno Mars. You can act all impressed about Bruno but Max Martin is legendary. There is no question about that. If you don’t know who Max Martin is, go Google him. He has produced for everyone, I mean most of the songs you hear on the radio are most likely from him.

Personally I am excited to hear what solo Harry sounds like. I don’t think he will be the next Justin Timberlake , I am sorry but I don’t, but I do think he will have a good run!

So as of right now, Liam is working with Pharrell, Harry is working with Max and Bruno, Niall is writing his own music, and Louis is being a dad. May the strongest solo act win.

No I won’t include Zayn into that mix, traitor.

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Niall Horan Releases Lyric Video For “This Town”

Niall Horan This Time Capitol Records Solo

My sweet baby angel Niall Horan released the lyric video for his first solo song “This Town” and it is freaking adorable. It features a hand-drawn love story and goes along perfectly with the song. Apparently it took two weeks to put this video together since it was all hand-drawn, pretty impressive, right?

No word on when we will get a real music video, but this is adorable so I will accept it.

Honestly, I can’t wait until Niall releases his first solo album, I am going to buy the shit out of that.

Again, I will not apologize for this blog being so Niall heavy, he deserves it!

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Watch Niall Horan Perform “This Town” On ‘Ellen’

Niall Horan showed up on his twin Ellen‘s show and took some time to perform his new song “This Town”, and he even stuck around to play a game of who would you rather.

Honestly, I love this song and I am glad that Niall is showing off his personality big time in his solo interviews. He just seems like a sweet guy who likes to joke around.

For the record, he sounds incredible live too, it sounds exactly like the recording.

Niall has won me over, that’s for sure. He just keeps getting better looking and seems more comfortable on his own in every interview.

I have to say, it’s kind of funny that we know he hooked up with Ellie in the past and she is his soulmate according to Ellen.

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Watch Niall Horan Perform “This Town” For The First Time!

Niall Horan is like a cute blonde Ed Sheeran, right? Niall performed his first solo song “This Town” for the first time over the weekend and he absolutely killed it. Homeboy can sing, whether you like the song or not you have to admit that. He sounds great live!

He did a great job live and he played the guitar absolutely perfectly. I have a feeling that his solo album will be great, whenever that comes out. He will definitely be going down a more folk sound rather than following the more pop route that One Direction obviously took.

Get it Niall!

Also, I wish I could watch the Graham Norton Show live, unfortunately I live in America but I will love all the clips I can possibly watch. It just seems like such a good time.

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Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello Are Teaming Up For New Song “Bad Things”


Anyone with eyes can see that Fifth Harmony is imploding which is just too damn bad considering they have just found their footing. Camila Cabello is trying to distance herself from the band, and has been for a while now, but here is another step in the solo direction. She is teaming up with rapper Machine Gun Kelly in a new song titled “Bad Things”.

Personally I think that this song will most likely be incredible. Machine Gun Kelly is absolutely one of my favorite rappers out there and Camila’s voice is great.

Do I think that when she leaved Fifth Harmony she will be the next Beyonce or something? No, but she will probably have two or three hits before she eventually fades out. Just my personal opinion.

Anyway, this track is going to drop on Friday and I personally can’t wait.

How do you feel about the collaboration?

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Liam Payne Is In The Studio With Pharrell Williams

It looks like we are getting closer and closer to hearing solo music from Liam Payne! This is something that I am very excited for. Considering he has a mega-producer like Pharrell on his side, he will sounds absolutely amazing. Pharrell did have a big part with putting together Justin Timberlake‘s solo career, let’s put it that way. Need I say anything more?

Should be a big year for One Direction fans, Niall Horan is already starting his solo career with his hit song “This Town”, Harry Styles will be in his first feature film, Louis Tomlinson  is being a dad and stuff. Big years for the boys!

I think it is pretty clear that this group is over, just stay strong Directioners. You can do it!

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