Harry Styles Announces Debut Album Release Date & Track List!

It’s coming everyone, brace yourselves, solo Harry Styles is coming!

Today, Harry announced that he will be dropping his first solo album on May 12th, and it will be a self-titled album. Smart move in my opinion, just put your name on it, let it be.

His lead single “Sign Of The Times” is incredible so I am assuming that his album will have a very similar feel to it. There will only be ten songs on the album, which is a bit of a bummer but he could have one of those Target exclusive albums where there are bons songs! It’s possible.

One thing that has the internet buzzing is the song titled “Ever Since New York” which fans are assuming could be about his relationship with Taylor Swift. In case you weren’t aware she has written songs about Harry and one song from her ‘1989’ album was “Welcome To New York”, it’s possible.

So mark it down, May 12th, solo Harry Styles is going to take over the world.

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Niall Horan Releases His First Official Solo Song ‘This Town’!

Photo published for Niall Horan Releases Debut Solo Single 'This Town'

So we were teased earlier about when Niall Horan would be dropping ‘This Town’, looks like he couldn’t wait any longer!

I think that this song is very sweet and acoustic like I thought it would be. It is just a very sweet song that I could listen to it all day. At least you can understand what he is saying!

Solid solo song! I will say that it kind of reminds me of One Direction, but that’s fine. The song is written by him, so that’s impressive.

Solo Niall, I am into it! The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. It’s just so freaking sweet.

What do you think of the song? Let me know!

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Listen To Zayn Malik’s First Single ‘Pillow Talk’

Well Zayn, you did it. You put out an absolute banger on  your own, congratulations. I was skeptical about his solo sound but I can say that ‘Pillow Talk’ has a lot of potential, there his no doubt about that.

Let’s talk about how visually interesting this video is. Obviously Zayn’s rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid is in it and they share sweet moments between the two of them. A small part of me is wondering if they are together for the publicity, or for the video. Wouldn’t that be something else?

Anyway, I think that Zayn’s sound is great. We will see if he can keep up with the fame that he is going to be submerged in and if he will be able to bring more of a stage presence than he had when he was a part of One Direction!


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Nick Jonas Releases New Track Called “Jealous”

Photo: Nick Jonas gets "Jealous" in new single. Listen: http://onair.rs/1qHdJJb

So my boyfriend Nick Jonas released a new single at midnight last night. It is called “Jealous” and apparently he got the inspiration when some guy was looking at his girlfriend’s ass, that was what he said at least. The song is pretty catchy, I don’t think it is nearly as good as “Chains” but that song was straight fire so it is hard to top that one!

What do you think about it? I think it actually shows off his vocal range which I have never really paid attention to before. I hate his use of the word ‘hellish” though, I think it is stupid, my personal opinion.

Nick Jonas Releases New Single Entitled “Chains”

Nick Jonas, Chains

Number one, Nick Jonas is straight up killing it in that cover shot for his single, I think we can all agree with that. Alright number two, Nick Jonas’ new song is a really good one. Now I was never a big Jonas Brothers fan, I thought that they sounded whiney and that was mostly because it was Joe singing, we isn’t as talented as people like to believe.

Listening to Nick’s first solo release, at least I think it is his first solo release, he kills it. The song is absolute fire and I will be purchasing it for sure. If this is just a sign of things to come, I am extremely excited, can’t lie about that one.

Now here is what we need, a Nick and Demi Lovato collaboration and by that I mean, they need to get married. Both young talented musicians, who cares if she dated his brother! Nick is better looking and a better singer. Clearly he is going to have a good solo career, can’t hate that.

Check out the song below! What do you think of it?