Man Crush Monday: Niall Horan

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Niall Horan has always been my favorite member of One Direction, no idea why. He kind of reminded me of Brian Littrell, just like a goof and all of that. So that’s probably it.

Anyway, I am really loving all of the new solo stuff that Horan is putting out. He is absolutely killing it. I know that Harry is getting a lot of praise for his album, which is great, but Niall reminds me of John Mayer or something, just incredible.

After he released “Slow Hands” I immediately needed an album. So far there is no set date for an album but hopefully one will be out soon!

Niall Horan, just a sweet baby angel who has “Slow Hands”, blue eyes, and just the right amount of stubble.

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Rocco rose . 😠😠.

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Zayn Malik Releases New Song ‘Like I Would’

It is really odd, I haven’t had really any opinion on any of Zayn‘s music so far that he has released. You know I understand people are losing their minds over it but I haven’t heard a song that I really loved.

This song is alright but I feel like it is almost a rip off of something The Weeknd would sing. I know that Zayn fans will attack me for saying that but I wouldn’t call this song a hit. I mean it isn’t bad but it also isn’t great. I felt the same way about ‘Pillowtalk’. I could understand why it would be a hit but I wasn’t a huge fan of it at all. Mostly because I couldn’t understand the whole first verse of it.

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