Harry Styles Announces Debut Album Release Date & Track List!

It’s coming everyone, brace yourselves, solo Harry Styles is coming!

Today, Harry announced that he will be dropping his first solo album on May 12th, and it will be a self-titled album. Smart move in my opinion, just put your name on it, let it be.

His lead single “Sign Of The Times” is incredible so I am assuming that his album will have a very similar feel to it. There will only be ten songs on the album, which is a bit of a bummer but he could have one of those Target exclusive albums where there are bons songs! It’s possible.

One thing that has the internet buzzing is the song titled “Ever Since New York” which fans are assuming could be about his relationship with Taylor Swift. In case you weren’t aware she has written songs about Harry and one song from her ‘1989’ album was “Welcome To New York”, it’s possible.

So mark it down, May 12th, solo Harry Styles is going to take over the world.

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Niall Horan Announces Short Break To Focus On His Album

The past few months have been crazy for sweet baby angel Niall Horan and it looks like he is starting to feel the pressure. Niall is following his dreams of being a solo artist, obviously his first single “This Town” has been a huge hit, and he wants to write the best solo album possible.

Today Niall took to Twitter and posted to long hand written notes about the break he is about to take. Well break from social media and all of that. He had to go and promote for a while, now he is ready to take a step back and finish his album.

Check out the notes below

Number one, great handwriting. I mean seriously, Niall has better handwriting than I do. Number two, I am very ready for this solo album. I want to say take all the time you need but in reality, we want it sooner rather than later.

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So How Much Was That Solo Record Deal That Harry Styles Signed?

If you can remember, last week Harry Styles broke the internet because he signed a solo recording contract meaning that he will most likely no longer be making music with One Direction. Let’s just put it out on the table, One Direction is probably over.

Anyway, want to know how much that recording contract was worth?

Brace yourself.

It was worth 80 million for three solo albums. So even though there probably won’t be anymore One Direction albums, at least you have three Harry Styles solo albums to look out for!

Are you excited for the solo music or are you going to miss One Direction too much to truly appreciate it?

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Zayn Malik Revealed ‘Mind Of Mine’ Album Cover

Well Zayn Malik is doing the rounds on late night right now to promote his debut solo album ‘Mind Of Mine’. Kind of ironic coming from the guy who said he left One Direction because he was sick of fame, I will just sit here and sip my tea on that though.

Zayn also performed a new single ‘It’s You’ on the show as well.

So cute cover right? I wouldn’t call it original though. I think Zayn may have stolen the idea from someone else, call me crazy but it’s what I think.

Zayn’s album will probably explode though, ‘Pillow Talk’ was an insane hit, so it can only go up from there!

‘It’s You’ is allegedly about Zayn’s ex-fiance Perrie Edwards.


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