Man Crush Monday: Adam Sandler

As many people know last night was the SNL 40 episode and Adam Sandler made not one, but two awesome appreances. He came out at Opera Man and he did a little digital short with Andy Samberg. Now when I was watching Andy and Adam together I realized that people may in fact think that Andy is the next Adam. That is where you are wrong. Adam had more talent in his index finger than Andy has in his entire body.

Okay, this is about celebrating the man crush of the week though. Not trying to get into a fight about who I like better, right?

Look at Adam though, he isn’t exactly the hottest dude in the world, but there is something sexy about him because he is in fact so hilarious. His new movies haven’t been the best but hey, not everyone can have hit after hit, right? Adam is one of those guys who will always be hilarious though, he earned his right in the comedy hall of fame. Between being one of the most beloved SNL cast members, to having his own albums, and starring in a ton of movies, he is a certified hottie.

Really though, Adam Sandler can sing his ass off, he is really good. Maybe now is your time to strike musically Adam! I mean your movies are kind of lame lately, so go with music!

Sincerely though Adam, thank you for making me laugh since it was a kid, also he proves that being hilarious is sexy.

Betty White Crushes The SNL 40 Red Carpet!

I think that we can all agree that Betty White is an absolute National Treasure, legend, amazing human in general. No but seriously, Betty White might possibly one of the greatest celebrities of all time. I wish I could adopt her as a grandmother.

Look at her in this picture. Wearing a sparkly jacket with flowers all over it, her make up is on point. Not too much, not too little. Her hair looks fabulous as always.

Can we also talk about the fact that she is using a “selfie stick”, how perfect is that. Betty White is 93 years old, probably has never taken a selfie in her life, and she is killing it. She is probably also realizing how stupid, egotistical, and obnoxious the younger culture is. Considering that a “selfie stick” is even a real thing, she probably has some questions.

Betty White, you are timeless, congrats for being the most loved celebrity of all time.

Can we also talk about how Adam Sandler or the Opera Man said “Betty White is here so we are all getting laid-o”, hilarious.

NSYNC Hints At Reunion For SNL 40 Show

So there have been rumblings that this is going to happen tomorrow night on the SNL 40 year anniversary bash. We all know that Justin has hosted the show five times now, so why not bring them all back, right? This all started, well basically today after NSYNC’s offical Twitter sent out this tweet.

Now the last time their twitter was really buzzing was back in 2013 when Justin Timberlake had them do a small reunion for the VMAs.

Listen, I am a Backstreet Girl through and through. I will defend their honor as if they went to battle for my family, but there is a part of me that is excited for this. I hope it is true. There is really no way that this wouldn’t happen, right? Of course this is the first time the media has really gotten anything but look at that tweet. This has to be true.

Let’s hope that this reunion is longer than 30 seconds too because that VMA reunion was a joke.

I will say that I am glad Justin is finally owning up to his boy band days after years and years of trying to act like he wasn’t a blonde haired kid with a huge afro dancing and singing “Bye bye bye”.